Trainers paths are blocked by a big giant sleeping Pokémon. The only way to wake Snorlax is to capture the Pokémon first

Gearing up to what is to be an eventful summer in the world of Pokémon Go, the Pokémon team are still full of surprises. With an unexpected announcement, trainers began to spot many sleeping Snorlax on their travels in Pokémon Go. For a limited time, Snorlax can found in the wild soundly asleep.

Trainers will have a chance to encounter Snorlax in the wild from now until 3rd of June 2019 at 1 p.m. (PDT(GMT-7)

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Snorlax has very high defence and is extremely good for placing in Gyms for further protection, so capture many as you can to earn Pokémon candy and level up your Snorlax to make the Pokémon stronger. Furthermore, capturing the sleeping Pokemon during the event, Snorlax will learn the exclusive event move yawn.

Snorlax Evolutions

Snorlax de-evolved stage is Munchlax and is normally hatch from 7km Eggs. Munchlax require 50 Pokémon Candy to evolve into Snorlax.

Time to prepare your PokéBalls!

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1 year ago

Does anyone else have troubles in placing a sleeping snorlax in a gym?