Pokémon fans breathe a sigh of relief as Niantic has extended one feature the Ultra Bonus Event had. The ability to catch regional pokémon. You will be able to hatch regional pokémon from 7 km eggs until 8th October.

This was such a big deal for pokémon go players because regional pokémon as the name suggests can only be caught in regional countries. Fans would have to travel to North America just to catch a Tauros in order to complete their pokédek

For those who don’t know, a pokédek is an electric encyclopedia designed to catalogue and provide information regarding the various species of pokémon.

As you could imagine, this caused controversy as players felt aggrieved that they will need to fly to several countries just to fully complete their pokédex.

Here is a list of regional pokémon and the region you can catch them in.

Tauros as mentioned earlier can be caught in North America. Mr Mime is exclusive to Europe, so you would need to visit any European country to catch a Mr Mime. If you visit Asia on your travels can capture the pokémon called Farfetch’d and lastly you need to go all the way to Australia to capture a Kangaskhan.

So hurry and hatch those eggs.


The legendary psychic pokémon, Mewtwo will remain as a Raid Boss until the 23rd of October. Use this time if you haven’t already to capture the extremely rare pokémon but be warned, have plenty of pokéballs ready. First, you must defeat Mewtwo to have a chance to capture the pokémon.

Pokemon Go Mewtwo Exclusion Raid Boss

If you are still struggling to capture this elusive pokémon and everything you seem to do, pokéballs are just bouncing off Mewtwo, here are some handy tips.

Throwing pokéballs during the pokémon animation instantly knocks away pokéballs but with Mewtwo animation, it is harder to see when the animation completely finishes. Pokéballs still bounce off Mewtwo a couple of seconds after you visibly see the animation has finished.

To prevent wasting your pokéballs, follow this simple trick to make sure you throw your pokéballs when the animation is truly finished.

Keeping your finger down on the premier ball, watch the circle enclose around Mewtwo before throwing it. If you can see the radius it is safe to throw the premier ball. You cannot capture a pokémon during their animation and so there will not be any radius around Mewtwo.