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Pokémon Go Update: TM Moves Are Added Along with More Sinnoh Region Pokémon

Give your Pokemon new TM Moves or discover new Sinnoh Region Pokemon, but watch out some Pokémon have begun to Evolve!

The Pokémon Go update introduces a host of changes. The all-new TM Moves to give your Pokémon new and exciting moves like never before. Helping you beat the Raid Bosses once and for all. New discoveries are found with new Pokemon emerging in Pokémon Go from the Sinnoh Region. Cranidos and Shieldon can now be found in the wild for the first time. Furthermore, the Sinnoh Stone can be used to evolve more Pokemon, Lickitung can now evolve into Lickilicky and Tangela into Tangrowth with more to be discovered.

Pokemon Go TM

Fans of Pokemon will be delighted by the introduction of TM’s (Technical Machine), a valuable item that gives your Pokémon new moves. Players frequently used TM’s to replace weaker skills with new powerful TM moves to make the Pokemon stronger in battles.

Within Pokemon Go Machamp, a fighting Pokemon that knows Fighting-type moves will now be able to know Rock-type move Rock Slide through the use of TM’s. Making the Pokemon more diverse and be able to cause more damage to Pokemon who are vulnerable to Rock-type moves.

TM’s varies in TM moves so in order for Machop to learn Rock Slide you need the Rock Slide TM. With many element types and moves listed in Pokemon Go, there are loads of TM’s to be discovered.

Not all Pokémon can learn the TM move as the move is just not compatible with the Pokemon. You can’t make Tangela learn to fly as it has no wings.

Explore and discover different move combinations to give your Pokemon the edge in battles!

New Sinnoh Region Pokemon

Sinnoh Region, Cranidos and Shieldon and more Gen 4 Pokemon can now be spotted in the wild with more discovered in eggs. There are also more Sinnoh Region evolution forms discovered in Pokemon Go, however, you need to use a Sinnoh Stone to evolve them.

Here is a list of confirmed new Pokemon, some are pre-evolved Pokemon that may need a Sinnoh Stone to evolve them.


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