Pokemon Home and Pokemon Sleep Announced

Game Freak revealed a new cloud-based Pokémon storage system, Pokémon Home, at the 2019 Pokémon Press Conference.

While Pokémon Bank, the Nintendo 3DS version, only allows players to store Pokémon on their console, Home will allow players to transfer Pokémon from other gadgets. The app will be usable via mobile devices, permitting trainers to trade locally and globally with each other.

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Pokemon Home announced at Pokemon Conference 2019
Pokemon Home

The program will allow Pokemon from 3DS Pokemon games, Pokemon Bank, Pokemon Go, Pokemon Let’s Go and the imminent Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield to be considered “a place where all Pokemon can gather.

The program also features other smartphone interactions, like allowing you to trade Pokemon online with your smartphone and local friends. For the future, more features have been teased.

Pokémon Bank costs $4.99 a year, but at this time it is unknown if Pokémon Home will also need a subscription.

Pokemon Sleep Announced at Pokemon Conference 2019
Pokemon Sleep

The other launch by the company is Pokémon sleep, which uses your sleep time and waking time to create new gameplay. According to the company, the primary goal is to provide players with a better morning experience together with Pokemon. The company has also partnered with Nintendo on a new sleep-tracking device called the Pokémon Go Plus that can be connected to the popular mobile game which will equally receive gameplay updates for sleep and rest itself.


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