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Prestige Points Event Shop and Prestige Edition Skin Changes Heading Into LoL 2020

Riot Games is making some changes to help users obtain the ultra-rare limited-event Prestige Edition Skins. Plus, they’ll be a new Prestige Points event shop that will help you spend your leftover Prestige Points.

At the beginning of the year, Riot Games introduced Prestige Points, a new form of in-game currency with their sole purpose for users to purchase Prestige Edition Skins. A unique legendary skin, covering the selected champions in white and gold and also equipping them with new animations, interactions, SFX and golden particles

Initially, Prestige Edition skins were only introduced during limited-time-only events with Riot Games making it clear that once the event was over, your chance of unlocking the skin was over. Unless, by a stroke of good fortune, you receive a Prestige Edition skin shard through Hextech Chests which are very slim.

K/DA Kai’Sa Prestige Edition Skin was the first skin of its kind and was introduced during LoL 2018 Worlds Championship tournament. Instantly becoming a success and leading to more champions to receive the iconic skin. However, users were left frustrated as they could not always participate in League of Legends during event times to unlock the limited Prestige Edition skin. Riot Games listened to the cries and feedback and Prestige Points was introduced, a new way to obtain Prestige Edition skins.

Users are able to exchange 100 Prestige Points they have earned through event missions and event shops for Prestige Edition skins, however, there was one fundamental problem. Prestige Points can only unlock Prestige Edition skins that were not released during events. On the plus side, Prestige Edition skin unlocked by Prestige Points remains within the crafting area throughout the year and will be available until LoL Seasons ends.

Throughout the year as Riot Games have released further Prestige Edition skin, it has led to some confusion and unanswered questions. Users began asking whether it was possible to unlock limited-event Prestige Edition skins with Prestige Points or whether there will be an opportunity to unlock them at a later stage. And what happens to the remaining Prestige Points?

Riot Games has reiterated that skins available during events were a one-time only but that is all about to change in LoL Season 10.

LoL Prestige Edition Skin Changes

Heading into 2020, All Prestige Edition skins available during events will be also be unlocked by Prestige Points. However, to prevent Riot Games going back on their word that skins will be a one time only opportunity, all previous and two remaining event Prestige Edition skin can only be unlocked during the events.

Valiant Sword Riven Prestige Edition skin is available right now for 2000 World Tokens part of the World event. New champion Qiyana will receive the next exclusive limited event Prestige Edition skin, followed by Lee Sin.

Miss Fortune and Thresh Prestige Edition skins will be available to unlock with Prestige Points as the season comes to a close.

Prestige Points Event Shop

To answer one burning question of what happens to your remaining Prestige Points (PP), Riot Games will be introducing a Prestige Point Event shop full of exchangeable goodies. Ranging from a Jackpot bag for 50 PP to 30 Orange Essences that will cost 1 PP.

Prestige Points you do not spend before 31st January 2020 will disappear!

Here is a current list of all available items with the Prestige Points Event Shop. This is subject to change before it goes live.

  • PROJECT 2019 Jackpot Bag – 50 PP
    • Contains 3 skin shards of the same tier (750 RP, 975 RP, 1350 RP, or 1820 RP) and 1050 Orange Essence
  • Revel Grab Bag – 50PP
    • Contains a 520 RP skin shard, 750 RP skin shard, 975 RP skin shard, 1350 RP skin shard, and 1820 RP skin shard
  • Arcade 2019 Jackpot Bag – 50PP
    • Contains 3 legacy skin shards (one guaranteed 975 RP or higher) and 1520 Orange Essence
  • Exclusive Animated Emote – 25 PP
  • Exclusive Ward Skin – 15 PP
  • Exclusive Icon – 10 PP
  • Event Icons from past 100 Prestige Point bundles – 5 PP
  • Hextech Key – 3 PP
  • 30 Orange Essence – 1 PP


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