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Project Irelia Prestige Edition Skin Revealed

Irelia is ready to wear the iconic colors of white and gold of the limited edition skin

Riot Games has revealed the following champion to receive the rare limited Prestige Edition skin, and it is the popular champion Irelia.

Fans may feel a little aggrieved for the fact, Irelia has not long received a new skin. In honor of IG (Invictus Gaming) victory at the Worlds Cup 2018 tournament becoming Champions, each member of the team IG designated a champion of their choice to receive a brand-new skin in the colors of IG. Irelia was handpicked by top laner Lee “Duke” Ho-seong and therefore iG Irelia Skin was created.

Now she has two more added to her collection, PROJECT Irelia and PROJECT Irelia Prestige Edition skins.

Fans frustration stems from the woeful lack of skins for the less unpopular champions, where some have not received a skin for over a year. But as users are more likely to purchase skin for popular champions, Riot Games will continue providing skins for champion falling in this category.

PROJECT Irelia Prestige Edition

PROJECT Irelia Prestige Edition Skin Splash Art LoL Wallpaper
PROJECT Irelia Prestige Edition Skin Splash Art – LoL

Similar to Irelia Project Skin, Prestige Edition variant will also include a new model and textures for Irelia’s armor and weapons along with gold particle effects.

The skin will also feature new SFX and recall animation, providing uniqueness to each skin.

How to unlock PROJECT Irelia Prestige Edition Skin?

The Prestige Edition skin will be an exclusive skin for the PROJECT: Reckoning Event. Players must exchange PROJECT Tokens to unlock the skin. (Amount of Tokens is normally around 2000-2500 Tokens).

Limited-event skins will be unavailable once the event is over. The only way to retrieve these rare skins is by opening capsules and Hextech boxes, hoping you will receive a skin shard of the skin. You will then need to exchange the required amount of orange essences to add the skin to your collection.


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