After years of Activision allowing one console or another to have exclusive rights to DLC content for 30 days and forcing others to wait, Activision has shortened that time. Unfortunately, the timed exclusivity has not been removed but means PC users will only have to wait 7 days for new playable content.

In a blog post, Activision revealed that PS4 will still get to enjoy all the new content before everyone else for seven days.

“PlayStation 4 players will get to play new content first on PS4 by seven days.

This means all the playable content coming to the Black Ops universe following launch will land seven days early on PS4, including new specialists and maps, as well as seasonal events. After seven days, all new playable content will come to other platforms.”

Each week there’ll be events and other time-limited seasonal events as the weeks go by. We’ll also see the inclusion of Nuketown once again. Appearing in the last 3 Black Ops, the map will be remade and released sometime in November.

Although it’s still an irritant for all consoles other than PS4, it means the wait between each new DLC is not as long as previous years. Still, this will rightly annoy many fans who have previously taken a punch in the gut from Activision over their DLC plans. Sticking to dated DLC models, Activision is asking players to not only pay for the initial game but to also spend extra for the season pass. Now they‘re being told they will still receive delays due to the continuation of exclusivity deals.