Today Tencent and PUBG Corp. delivered details of an event they have in store – Mobile Star Challenge. This will be an international event including regions from Asia, China, Europe, Korea & Japan, North America and lastly South America. Aimed at celebrity streamers and public icons the event will have a prize of $600,000

PUBG on Mobile - Holds $600,000 event

Each team will face off in a regional final that’ll be held in Kiev. Once all regions have competed, the qualifying teams will then all face each other for the $600,000 prize pool. The lucky finalist will travel to Dubai for the Mobile Star Challenge final.

The prize pool will break down as followed:

Regional final – Champion $20,000 : Runner-up $15,000 : 2nd Runner-Up $10,000

Finals – Champion $200,000 : Runner-up $100,000 : 2nd Runner-up $50,000

Tencent Mobile Game - Star Challenge

Teams must have a pro player, streamer or celebrity. They must create a team of 4 with one of them bearing at least 1,000 followers on any social streaming platform. So far there’s been over 15 thousand applicants for this event.

PUBG’s relentless push in the mobile field will only strengthen with this event. Most companies aim competitive esports at main consoles like the PS4, X-Box or PC. Which is where Tencent’s expertise will come into play as they’ve been accustom to the mobile esport scene for years and have the capital to front it.