Tencent has once again demonstrated a commitment to improving the standards of their game PUBG Mobile. Implementing a gameplay management system for players under 18. This is not the first change Tencent have made in recent weeks to the mobile variant of the popular battle royale game.

Recently Tencent modified PUBG Mobile in China and rebranded the name to Game for Peace. Replacing deaths with poetic waves of goodbyes. The reason behind the drastic changes has a lot to do with China’s new bold stance on content that can be monetized. Prior to the changes, PUBG Mobile did not meet China’s strict guidelines and was unable to monetize the mobile variant of the game.

This modernized system introduced to PUBG Mobile will help promote healthy gaming behaviors, with prompts for players to acknowledge a gaming advisory before entering a game. Players under the age of 18 will also be reminded to take breaks during lengthy gaming sessions.

PUBG has endured some intense scrutiny these last few months with some countries outright banning the game. Tencent hopes these changes will move the battle royale title out of the grey area and into a more constructed and secure environment.

Tencent has already launched the management system in Egypt, Indonesia, India, Iraq, Kuwait, Nepal, The United Arab Emirates, and Saudia Arabia. With plans to release the system out gradually to other countries, it will be fascinating to see how many other companies will follow suit.

Gaming, in general, is currently being looked at by a large magnifying glass all around the world. More games are receiving bans for causing mental health issues, unhealthy promotions of violence, and ethical purposes than ever before. A system like the one introduced by Tencent might just be what’s needed to ensure security for game developers going forward.