The Queen of the Elements possesses a new variable trait that adapts with TFT new Elemental Hexes

During a scheduled announcement, William Li best known as ‘Scarra’ unveiled a new Assassin to join the roster for Teamfight Tactics (TFT). LoL newest champion Qiyana, Queen of the Elements will be making her way over to TFT as soon as TFT Set 2 updates hits the LoL PBE Severs. Which should be sometime later today.

Whilst unveiling Qiyana with a series of screenshots, other champions yet to be confirmed, can be seen either on the TFT board or the shop. Accidentally exposing the information before Set 2 reaches LoL test server.

TFT Qiyana

TFT Qiyana Abilities And Traits Lol
Qiyana Abilities And Traits – TFT

Upon revealing Qiyana, Scarra shows a series of screenshots where you can identify Qiyana Traits, Costs, Ability and the new TFT Core mechanic, Elemental Hexes.

Costs: 3

Origin: Variable

Class: Assassin

Rarity: Rare

Ability: Edge of Ixtal – Qiyana dashes to the side of her target and throws a blast of wind through them, damaging and stunning enemies it passes through.

Elemental Hexes

Qiyana Variable Trait is determined by the Element Hexes, TFT new core mechanic that changes four Hexes on the TFT board into one of the four elements, Mountain, Wind, Ocean and Inferno. This is applied only once per game, for example, if four of the hexes turn into Inferno, they will remain as Inferno Hexes until the game is finished and they do not move.

New TFT Trait Poison Predator Alchemist Crystal
Inferno Elemental Hexes – Teamfight Tactics

This will equally affect Qiyana, turning her variable trait into Inferno that remain throughout the game.

It not yet known whether this will change Qiyana ability details, however, it seems it will change dynamically based on the Elemental Hexes.

The Rise of the Element is coming…