Quadcrasher is set to be released very shortly after Fortnite teased the new vehicle.

Fortnite Battle Royale has teased the Quadcrasher, a brand new vehicle coming to Fortnite, in today’s in-game News message. As soon as you launch the game, you will automatically see the daily Fortnite news in which the new vehicle is at the forefront, sitting in the middle of the screen, brand new and sparkling.

Fortnite Quadcrasher New Vehicle

Release Date

When Fortnite advertises products within their news feed as “coming soon” the product is available within a few days. So we expect the Quadcrasher to follow suit which may make an appearance in next Fortnites’ patch update.


There is little information on the Quadcrasher but we know you will be able to smash and ram your way through structures. There will most likely be some sort of mechanism as Fortnite mentions ‘charge your boost’ which implies that it will get faster and more powerful the longer you are uninterrupted. It may have to be fully charged to smash through stronger structures such as houses.

We are not 100 percent sure whether this will include all structures or whether it will be just for player built structures. It also appears that the Quadcrasher will be relatively quick as Fortnite mentions ‘getting some air’? Maybe there be challenges which will involve performing tricks on the Quadcrasher or destroy ‘X’ amount of damage to structures.

We expect the new vehicle will spawn randomly all over Fortnites’ Battleground similar to trolleys and ATKS that were introduced.