Hi-Rez studios based their new game Realm Royale on their multi-platform game Paladins. Paladins, released on 16 September 2016 is a hero shooter video game. The style of gameplay is reminiscent of Overwatch. Paladins come with uniquely skilled characters and the ability to ride a mount into battle. This same mount system has made its way into Realm Royale.  Here’s l2pbomb’s full breakdown and review of Realm Royale.

Realm Royale – Battle Royale with a twist?



Available game modes:
There’re no extra game modes right now other than the main battle royale. You have the option to play Solo, Duo or Squads. Realm Royale has a handful of servers to choose from to help with any ping issues. North America, Europe, Brazil and Southeast Asia.
How to start?
Once you have selected your preferred game type and a match has been found you will enter into the lobby. Once in the game lobby you can select the class you would like to play. Note: You can change your class as many times as you would like until the countdown timer finishes. You’ll start each game the same way you do in Fortnite or PUBG: on a sky vehicle preparing to dive into the action. Realm Royale doesn’t use a parachute to help you land mind. Instead, Hi-Rez opted to allow the player to slam heroically to the ground. Unlike other battle royale game modes, Realm Royale does not have any fall damage.
The aim of the game is to be the last player alive, with obstacles like the fog and enemies standing in your way. The fog is like the storm in Fortnite. See more info on the storm mechanic here. It’s a game mechanic that covers areas of the map in a fog. The fog moves after set intervals covering more of the map each time. Players caught in the fog will start to take damage, this damage increases every interval.
Once you’ve landed you will need to act fast to gather supplies. Weapons, armor, health/armor pots and even class specific skills all up for grabs. To find these enter any available buildings to find chests. You can hold a total of two weapons on your number 1 and 2 slot and two class skills on your number 3 and 4 slot so choose wisely! When opening a chest you will come across certain items that are not for you. don’t worry they still have a very important use: turn the item into shards. Shards are what you’ll use in forges to create legendary gear including your class weapon, more on this later. If you take damage use hp/armor pots to replenish your health.
Straight out of Palidans the mount returns to Realm Royale. Pressing Z (default) hops you on a mount that will allow you to move around the map faster. Entering buildings will automatically demount you.  The mount has a very short cooldown. I’m sure in time there will be many mount skins available to buy, for now, all mounts are the same. You can use the mount to climb steep hills but at a very slow pace. So make sure you’re aware of your surroundings as this will leave you vulnerable.
Chicken? Chicken! Once you have lost all your Hp, unlike Fortnite where you would fall down on all fours. In Realm Royale, Hi-Rez takes a very different approach by turning you into a giant chicken! Once turned into a chicken you cannot do any damage, all you can do is move around hoping to not get hit. If you continue to take damage as a chicken you die completely awarding the kill to the victor. If you manage to survive as a chicken for 30 seconds you will transform back into your character.
Make the most of the character you’ve chosen. Each class is unique, exploit that fact by using your class specific skills to outplay your opponents. Get used to the strengths and weaknesses of your chosen class.


Realm Royale comes with a unique class system that’s usually associated with the MMO genre. The unique class system creates flexible choices which allow players to express their playstyle. Players can choose between the Warrior, Engineer, Assassin, Mage and the Hunter class. Every class has a specific legendary weapon that you get by using the in-game forge. No other class can use the legendary weapon same goes for class specific skills.



The assassin class gains 10% ground speed.

Blink – Teleport forward a short distance.
Concussion Bomb – A bomb that knocks back yourself.
Ghost Walk – Become untargetable and move 20% faster.
Sensor Drone – Deploy a drone that reveals enemies for 5s.
Smoke Screen – Throw a smoke screen that blocks vision.



The engineer class gains five armor per second.

Thrust – Jet upwards into the air.
Barricade – Deploy a shield that blocks enemy shots.
Deploy Turret – Deploy up to 2 turrets that shoot enemies.
Fire Bomb – Throw a bomb that leaves a pool of fire.
Healing Totem – Deploy a totem that heals allies.



The Hunter class gains 10% swap speed and reload speed.

Dodge Roll – Quickly roll in the direction you are moving.
Blast Shot – An explosive projectile that damages the enemy.
Flare – Fire a flare that reveals enemies in a large area.
Proximity Mine – A mine that explodes when enemies are near.
Withdraw – Leap backward and enter stealth.



The mage class gains 30% potion effectiveness.

Soar – Fly through the air.
Explosive Flask – Throw an explosive flask that slows enemies.
Fireball – A ball of fire that passes through enemies.
Ice Block – Become immune to all damage for 3s.
Wall – A wall that blocks movement.

Warrior Class


The warrior class regenerates 5 health each second.

Heroic Leap – Leap an incredible height and distance.
Charge – Quickly dash forward in the direction you’re facing.
Flask of Healing – Throw a healing potion that heals teammates when it explodes.
Net Shot – Fire a net that slows a single target.
Shielding Potion – Throw a potion that creates Health shield onto an ally.


So far in Realm Royale, there are six different types of weapons which are. Crossbows, Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, Swords and then the class specific legendary weapons.
You will have to reload after every 6 shots.
Crossbow (Common): 300 damage, 1.8 shots per second.
Crossbow (Rare): 375 damage, 1.8 shots per second.
Crossbow (Epic): 450 damage, 1.8 shots per second.
Crossbow (Legendary): 525 damage, 1.8 shots per second.
You will have to reload after every 6 shots.
Poison Pistol (Common): 28 damage, 1.3 shots per second.
Poison Pistol (Epic): 42 damage, 1.3 shots per second.
Revolver (Common): 6 shots, 220 damage, 2.2 shots per second.
Revolver (Rare): 312 damage, 2.2 shots per second.
Revolver (Epic): 375 damage, 2.2 shots per second.
Revolver (Legendary): 437 damage, 2.2 shots per second.
You have to reload every six shots with the rifle, and the heirloom rifle after every eight shots.
Rifle (Common): 400 damage, 1.1 shots per second.
Rifle (Epic): four shots, 600 damage, 1.1 shots per second.
Rifle (Legendary): 700 damage, 1.1 shots per second.
Heirloom Rifle (Common): 400 damage, 1.3 shots per second.
Heirloom Rifle (Rare): 500 damage, 1.32 shots per second.
Heirloom Rifle (Epic): 600 Damage, 1.3 Shots per second.
Heirloom Rifle (Legendary): 700 Damage, 1.3 Shots per second.
Shotgun (Common): 500 Damage, 1.0 Shot per second.
Shotgun (Rare): 625 Damage, 1.0 Shot per second.
Shotgun (Epic): 750 Damage, 1.0 Shot per second.
Sword (Rare): 700 Damage, 1.3 Swings per second.
Sword (Legendary): 1,000 Damage, 1.3 Swings per second.
These weapons are class specific that you craft using the in-game Forge. The weapons are unique to your chosen class and cannot be used by any other class.
Longbow (Hunter): 1,000 Damage, 2.0 Shot per second.
Plasma Launcher (Engineer): 800 Damage, 1.0 Shot per second.
Sniper Rifle (Assassin): 1 Shot, 1,200 Damage, 1.0 Shot per second.
Stone Spear (Mage): 275 Damage, 1.2 Shot per second.
Throwing Axe (Warrior): Infinite Shots, 800 Damage, 0.9 Shot per second.


To get your class’s legendary weapon you have to create it using one of the many forges on the map. Use the forge for legendary armor, legendary class abilities as well as your class weapon. These all vary in cost depending on the item you would like. The currency used for forging is shards, you gain shards by trading in items that you did not need from chests. When you reach the required amount of shards select the forge (hold E) and then pick the item you wish to receive. All legendary gear takes 60 secs to complete (health and armor pots take 30sec). Make sure the coast is clear before you start to forge and stay prepared to defend yourself whilst you wait.

Forges will be hotspots due to players wanting to craft new items, so be on high alert whenever you are near a forge. If you would like to use the forge get in and out as fast as you can. Or use the hotspot areas as bait to punish players not paying attention.


The short and sweet answer to this is no one knows, but, if we were to guess then I would say it’s very likely. We know that Hi-Rez is capable of creating a multiplatform game as they’ve proven that with Paladins. Paladins is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems. Their spin of game Paladins strike is available on Android and iPhones. Whether Realm Royale will make the transition to iPhone or Android in the same form as PC is unknown. It’s very likely to make it to mobile in one form or another.
Realm Royale has only just come out into early access, so it’s too soon to be talking cross-platform. It’s doubtful that will hear any news on that front by Hi-Rez any time soon. l2pbomb will update this review once there is fresh news to report.