Two Little Legends eggs, Map Chromas and Emotes are up for grabs as TFT Rewards System is updated with some fundamental changes

Teamfight Tactics Rise of the Elements goes live in less than 24 hours time, bringing a whole list of changes. New champions, new Synergies, Traits, bigger board, new Elemental Hexes and more. Including some changes made to TFT’s Reward System with the new Rise of the Elemental Pass.

The initial rewards for TFT have been met with heavy criticism. Players have felt the rewards gained by completing various missions in LoL newest game mode, have been fairly poor. Almost half of the rewards are made up of Summoner Icons, a small thumbnail size image that appears next to your summoner’s name. Not all that exciting.

You will be glad to hear; Riot Games has listened and will be adding higher-quality rewards within the Rise of the Element Pass and there are no Summoner Icons in sight.

TFT Rise of the Element Pass

There will be two Little Legends Eggs, a Set 1 Egg and Set 1-3 Rare Eggs on offer, near the end of the Rise of the Element Pass. Four map chromas, based on each of the four elements that are a core feature within TFT Set 2: Inferno, Mountain, Ocean and Cloud. And lastly more emotes.

TFT Set 2 Reward List
TFT Set 2 Reward List

Ordinarily, these rewards have a very limited time for users to collect them. With that in mind, rewards from the new pass are going to be available during the entire life cycle of TFT Set 2: Rise of the Elements. Providing players who cannot play Teamfight Tactics on a regular basis, plenty of time to earn rewards.

This will equally affect the Orb of Enlightenment Charge time. It will charge every three days opposed to the typical daily charge. Making it easier to earn valuable XP to unlock TFT rewards. In addition, there will be fewer larger missions that may take a couple of days to complete and more smaller missions.

Riot Games will be monitoring the feedback on what players think about undertaking more smaller tasks vs working towards a bigger goal over multiple days.