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Destiny 2 players have relied on third-party sites for years to switch items, check character statistics, and other in-game actions that are cumbersome or inaccessible. This is set to change with a new app called Redrix.

Players can now incorporate a dedicated PvP app to their toolbox with the new app Redrix, developed by web developers, Grant Skinner and Mike Chambers. It is named after Pinnacle Crucible pulse rifle Redrix’s Claymore and the best thing about it…it’s free!

The app is freely available on the App Store or through Google Play according to the official Redrix website. You will be able to use Redrix to check out career and match stats for any of your characters once you are logged in with your PS4, Xbox One, or Steam account.

It will cover your last 100 games, displaying your Valor and Glory ranks, wins streaks, and statistics including kills and assists. In addition, you will be able to analyze the information and find out how many matches are required to play in order to claim the week’s Powerful Crucible rewards.

Destiny 2 Redrix App Interface
Destiny 2 Redrix App Interface

The Redrix automatically synchronises your data as soon as you finished your match so you can keep track of your current progress on the fly.

Note: PC users will need to enter their Steam ID number and not their username.