Celebrate the annual convention at BlizzCon as Nations of the world compete as one team, representing their country in the World Cup Tournament with you by their side

BlizzCon will be hosting Overwatch fourth World Cup this year, taking place in Anaheim where one nation will be crowned. But before we celebrate the global competition, you have a chance to apply and represent your county. Whether it is to become your nations coach, community lead or general manager.

Below are the three phases to represent your county in Overwatch World Cup tournament 2019

Apply for Overwatch World Cup Tournament

Phase 1 of Representing Your Country

From now until 23rd of May for those who are interested representing their country at this year Overwatch World Cup, can Log into their Blizzard account and apply and be part of the committee. Self-identified candidates all receive a custom URL to share that will enable players to endorse them, providing the players are from the candidates country of residence. Players are entitled to endorse as many candidates as they wish.

Apply To Represent Your County

It is down to the candidates to receive as many endorsements as possible to increase their chances of representing their countries.

On the 23rd of May, phase 1 will end with phase 2 will begin a week later, allowing the break period to count the votes.

Phase 2

On May 30th each of the countries top candidates will be revealed where one final vote will take place. Players are permitted to only vote for one of their countries top candidates. Voting will last until 9th June and one of the top candidates will be chosen.

Phase 3

During this phase, guidelines will be issued to the teams as the Committee will be entitled to hold player tryouts over a couple of days, between 13th July and 14th July. This process will help build their roster with a full understanding of competition rules and monetary support details.

A shortlist of 12 potential players will be submitted for Blizzard to verify and approve. Once approved, The committee can select and take 7 players to travel to the live event at Blizzcon in Anaheim, California.

Both Players and Candidates must be 18 or over by the time travel is required