ne of the Biggest deals of Riot history is set to be revealed in the upcoming League Of Legends World Championship event. The deal has reportedly been in the works for the past year which would be huge for both companies.

There are very little details on the current situation but here is what we know so far.

Problems At Riot

This comes in at a time where Riot Games has faced criticism from owners in the North American League of Legends Series for its handling of the World’s production responding that they have been too slow to monetize the game.

Not too long ago Riot Games have been struggling to book venues and actually has lost money on its Esports event.

“Over time you’ll see the moves we’re making to increase revenue with digital experiences, traditional sponsorships, etc., Monetizing Esports isn’t something that anyone has truly solved, so expect us to experiment.” Derrick Asiedu, Riots head of global events posted on Reddit

Derrick Asiedu, Riots head of global events posted on Reddit

Mastercard has already had some experience sponsoring gaming events, where Mastercard partnered Alienware to sponsor Dota 2 in 2013.

So why Mastercard is set to sponsor Riot Games’ League Of Legends at worlds? Well, despite the criticisms Riot still boasts of having the biggest player base to date.

This will help Mastercard dip further into Esports and gives their brand global property following the likes VISA who sponsored the Olympics and FIFA World Cup.

This year’s event will take place at LoL Park: New League Of Legends Arena Unveiled By Riot.