Players can enjoy more powerful bonuses with new milestones achievements due to new updates made to Blademaster, Dark Star, Protector, Rebel and Infiltrator Traits.

9 unit Blademasters returns to TFT as Riot games are set to change several handpicked traits by introducing additional milestones during TFT’s next patch 10.8 cycle. Unlocking new powerful bonus effects for Dark Star, Protector, Rebel, Infiltrator and Blademaster.

The new update traits and additional milestones are currently available on LoL PBE Server which includes the new unit Xerath. We should see these changes head into LoL live version on 15th April 2020. (All PBE content is subject to change, therefore scheduling may be altered).

Trait icons will turn into a rainbow icon upon reaching the max milestone.

Check out the list of Trait changes below.

TFT New Trait Tiers Blademaster


Now the Blademaster trait has a new nine-unit goal, with Blademaster getting a 100% chance to launch two additional attacks.

TFT Blademaster Additional Milestones
TFT Blademaster Additional Milestones
TFT New Trait Tiers Dark Star

Dark Star

The Dark Star will also have a new 9 unit milestone similar to Blademasters. Each time a dark star unit is killed, other Dark Star units it will gain 45 attack damages and spell power.

TFT Dark Star Additional Milestones
TFT Dark Star Additional Milestones
TFT New Trait Tiers Infiltrator


Infiltrators are now expanded to include the new milestone of 6 units. Improving upon their current bonus of 4 units, 6 units will give all Infiltrator 120% bonus attack speed for 6 seconds. This is refreshed upon takedown

TFT Infiltrator Additional Milestones
TFT Infiltrator Additional Milestones
TFT New Trait Tiers Protector


The protector feature will also have six unit milestones following the infiltration framework. Protector will gain 40% Maximum Health Shield for 4 seconds after a spell is cast.

TFT Protector Additional Milestones
TFT Protector Additional Milestones
TFT New Trait Tiers Rebel


Due to the new 9-unit milestone level, users can now have a full collection of rebels units on the TFT board. 9 Rebel Units gain a 275 Shield and increase their damage by 15 percent.

TFT Rebel Additional Milestones
TFT Rebel Additional Milestones

Not enough units?…

All the updated traits can be made by combining a Spatula and a base item. See Item Builder for all combinations.

Because of the lack of units to achieve the maximum bonus advantage, and since players can not rely on Spatulas, the TFT Set 3 rosters must be increased in Riot Games.

It appears Riot Games are addressing this problem already with the introduction of a new TFT unit, Xerath.

Although there are no details of further champions being released, we will keep posted as soon as we find out.