New Garen changes found in LoL patch 10.4 sees him swaps top lane for the jungle! Is it worth?

Changes are continuously being tweaked on for the upcoming LoL patch 10.4, making balance tweaks, adding new content such as the Blood Moon Skins. However, an interesting update found on LoL PBE server is the changes made for the Demacia Champion, Garen. The new tweaks look set to force Garen out of the top lane and into the jungle.

Garen Jungle

The noble warrior is known for his top lane prowess, with easy to learn skill mechanics and few champions that counter him, making Garen one of the top choice champion to be picked. Overtime, Garen has earned the catchphrase “spin to win” for his ability to rapidly spin his sword and shred anyone caught with it. And the best part, there is no skill involved, just press E and the Judgment skill is activated.

Players can now head to the jungle to use the spin to win mechanics on jungle creeps thanks to Riot Games new buff to Garen E skill. Judgment (E skill) has a newly added effect where it will deal 150% damage to monsters! Allowing Garen to easily slice through the jungle, clearing the monster with ease.

Garen Lol Patch 10 4 Change
Garen Lol Patch 10 4 Changes

With these changes, we may very well see more users opting to play Garen as Jungle due to his high mobility and carry potential.

Challenger Tryndermere main foggedftw2 on the NA server has already put this to the test and claimed Jungler Garen may be actually better than Top Lane Garen. Check it out for yourselves…