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The League of Legends developer Riot Games became one of the most prominent names in the lucrative industry due to the previous success of MOBA games. Nevertheless, what is not clear is that the company does not currently have any other service that is not connected in some way to League of Legends. With the MOBAs age evidently diminishing, it may have been necessary for the organization to understand it was time to move beyond LoL and promote a more secure future. Triumphantly enter Project A!

The League of legends and the MOBA genre will naturally take a long time before they become unknown. However, Even with fierce competitions, exclusive merchandise and the new edition of the mobile game, the money on the market seems to be flowing elsewhere. Seemingly not wanting to take on a Fortnite style game just yet, Riot has instead decided to eagerly try its luck in another established competitive genre.

Riot Games Project A Gameplay
Riot Games Project A Gameplay

Riot Games defines Project A as a first-person character-based strategic shooter set in a stunning near-future Earth. From this vague description and the trailer that the company released, clear inspirations can be reasonably drawn from the likes of Overwatch and Counter-Strike.

Riot also discussed things beyond the instantly apparent aspects of the unknown game. This includes performance improvement and anti-cheating decisions for fast online play. Essentially things that are expected by all game developers but never really speak about, much less do, according to Riot.

Project A from Riot Games will not launch until 2020, at the same time, the company is subtly trying to reinvent LoL for mobile and consoles with League of Legends Wild Rift.