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The FPS which previously went under the codename Project A might finally get more of an identity according to reports. Fans throughout Twitter discovered that Riot Games had recently filed trademark rights for the name “Valorant” which also included rights to website URLs like those of “,” “” and “”

Although it’s unverified this would be Project A’s name, all indications are currently supporting that conclusion. Riot seemingly appears to be focusing on polishing up Project A to provide more information about it, and there have been rumors that a planned announcement is set for March 2. A certain trademark, so close towards that alleged date of the announcement … It’s genuinely no surprise the community is fighting tooth and nail for more already.

Fan-made social media accounts have been created in light of this development under typical names like Valorant News, with many posting their speculated proof that Project A will indeed be named Valorant.

Project A V For Valorant
Project A V For Valorant

Stay tuned for more Project A updates as and when they happen. We’ll be covering everything from release dates, lore, artworks and other details as they come.