Project A, the FPS game announced by the Riot Games last October, officially has a name: Valorant. Until now, Riot has merely touched the surface of what to expect from the developers’ first forte into the FPS space. However, fans can now enjoy their first look at some real gameplay of VALORANT in addition to screenshots, specs and expected launch date. Riot’s Valorant will go live this summer!

Players select from a set of eight uniquely equipped secret agents before participating in objective-based tactical matches. The game will be available for free just like all games offered by Riot, and will feature a familiar business model by offering cosmetics for players to purchase. Games will be played in a 5v5 format, one side being the attackers and the other squad as defenders. It’s a Best of 24 system, so the first team to win 13 rounds will achieve victory. Defenders have 30 seconds to set up before the attackers are deployed. Each round lasts 1 minute and 40 seconds.

In the main game mode, the attacking side must plant a bomb at any of the several sites and then protect it, while a defending team should, therefore, work to prohibit the attacker’s action or to quickly defuse any explosives that have been set. At the beginning of each match, players lock in whatever character they intend to use for the entire match. Players earn money during the rounds which they can use to buy guns — all agents have access to all the guns the game has to offer.

Although all characters provide accessibility to specific skills, Riot stresses that they maintain only a tactical purpose to enhance the gameplay. The action in Valorant is high and fast, with battles that don’t last long: just about all weapons kill with a headshot immediately, and most rifles destroy their enemy with just three or four bullets.

VALORANT’s style combines the authentic gunplay of popular shooters like CS: GO and Call of Duty with the stylized, more toony appearance of games like Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch. The map’s design reflects this theme as you can see in the screenshots below. Each point has numerous entry routes with tunnels and alleys providing various ways for the attackers to reach their targets. Simultaneously, the defenders have access to high ground and unique holding perspectives which allow them to prepare against the tactics of the attackers.

Valorant Gameplay Screenshots
Valorant Gameplay Screenshots

New Valorant Gameplay Footage

Alternative Valorant Gameplay

Valorant PC Recommended Specs

Minimum (30 fps)Recommended (60 fps) High-end (144+ fps)
CPU: Intel i3-370MIntel i3-4150Intel Core i5-4460 3.2GHz
GPU:Intel HD 3000Geforce GT 730GTX 1050 Ti

Riot Valorant Screenshots