Unlock the new Astronaut Molediver Little Legends and more exclusive content with the new Galaxies Pass+

Ahead of Teamfight Tactics Set 3 Galaxies arrival on LoL PBE server, Riot Games have announced two new TFT Galaxies passes. A free Galaxies pass for everyone participating in the auto chess game, and a premium Galaxies Pass+ so players can earn exclusive rewards in TFT upcoming Set 3 Galaxies. Some of the rewards have been revealed during the announcement that includes new Little Legends, Space-themed emotes and new Maps.

In addition, Riot Games has given an update status on the current development of the mobile version of Teamfight Tactics.

TFT Set 3 Galaxies Passes

TFT Set 3 Galaxies Pass (Free)

The free Galaxies pass is available for everyone to earn rewards based on their progression. The number of rewards on offer will be the same as the previous two sets for Teamfight Tactics, however, the rewards should be of higher quality instead of the usual recolored arenas.

Riot Games shared an image of WIP of a Crash Site Arena which we could expect to see part of the Galaxies free pass reward.

Tft Arena Crash Site
TFT – Arena Crash Site (WIP)

Furthermore, Riot Games games expanded on that users would be able to earn Space-themed Emotes and Two Little Legends towards the end of their progression.

TFT Builder

TFT Set 3 Galaxies Pass+ (Premium)

The Galaxies Pass+ is an additional pass that players can purchase from the Riot Store. The cost of the Galaxies Pass+ will be 1350 RP.

Owners of the Galaxies Pass+ is packed full of additional rewards and premium content. Riot Games have revealed, players will be immediately granted access to over 20 levels of rewards including a UFO Sprite.

Tft Ufo Sprite
TFT Ufo Sprite

Time-limited Astronaut Molediver Variant will also be up for grabs for those holding a Galaxies Pass+.

Tft Little Legends Astromole Astronaut Molediver
Tft Little Legends Astromole Astronaut Molediver

New to TFT is a new content type called Booms! These cosmetics changes the appearance of damage particles to your units and Little Legends. Sadly, Booms are only exclusive to Galaxies Pass+ owners.

TFT Set 3 Galaxies Little Legends

Set 3 is set to introduce additional furry little friends known as Little Legends. Ahead of the release, Riot Games unveiled Space-themed Little Legends that will be making its way to TFT Set 3 Galaxies. Here are three additional Tier 3 versions of Dark Star theme Little Legends, Starmaw, Squink and Abyssia.

A Victorious Silverwing Little Legends is set to be part of TFT Set 2 Rise of the Elements ranked rewards with Riot Games revealing a Work In Progress of the new exclusive Little Legends.

Tft Little Legends Victorious Silverwing Ranked Rewards
Tft Little Legends Victorious Silverwing Ranked Rewards

Some of past Little Legends will be making its way to the Riot Store where users can directly purchase them. However, you’ll be able to purchase each of the Little Legends for sale exactly one time. This is to prevent players from repurchasing to upgrade their Little Legends to the extremely hard to come by Tier 3 Varients.

TFT Set 3 Galaxies Maps

Blending in with the current theme of Set 3, a new set of Dark Star-themed arenas will be arriving alongside the Galaxies set. Including Odyssey-themed arena released in the near future.

Each TFT Set 3 Arena will cost 1380 RP or you can save some RP by purchasing the bundle for 2900 RP.

TFT Mobile Update

For those of you who want to fight tactically in your bed, on a train, or the 10th meeting of the day, TFT mobile is coming soon complete with cross-play and shared progression on your account.

This also means that any Little Legends or arenas that you’ve unlocked on PC will also be available for use on TFT Mobile; just make sure you’ve logged in with your Riot account on your mobile device.

There are a couple of specific notes here:

For the upcoming release of TFT Mobile, we’ve been hard at work to ensure a great game experience and stable service. As a result, we will not be launching with a full store just yet. We’ll be looking to roll that out within the next few patches, but keep an eye out for updates.

However, the TFT Galaxies Pass+ will be available for purchase during the initial rollout of TFT Mobile globally. You’ll get the same rewards, missions, and XP as PC, and progression will be kept across platforms.

The free TFT Galaxies Pass will also be active for any players, and progression will be stored for future pass purchases.

Note: We’ll be rolling out pass purchasing region-by-region to make sure everything’s good on our end. Check the updated TFT Hub to see when you can buy the pass, and don’t worry, all progress will be tracked from the time the pass is active, which is close to but not exactly the same time Galaxies goes live.

If you just have to have the newest Little Legends now, hop on to League’s PC Client and you can purchase the content there. Just be sure to open any eggs you get on PC before going back to your phone.