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Riot Games Takes On Hearthstone As They Announce Legends Of Runeterra – A Strategy Card Game

Celebrating 10 Years of League Of Legends, Riot Games has revealed some shocking news, a new League Of Legends Card game that is set to rival Hearthstone

Teased ahead of Riot Games 10th Anniversary Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau, shared news that League Of Legends will reveal a brand-new digital card Game, titled “Legends Of Runterra” during Riot Games Anniversary event.

Lo and behold, Legends Of Runeterra is now available to play. Players interested can head over to playruneterra.com and either sign in with their Riot Games credentials or create one to pre-register.

An email will be sent to you, providing a link to give you access to play the game.

Legend Of Runeterra

Similar to Hearthstone, Legends Of Runeterra will allow players to face off in dynamic alternating combat to plan, strategise and conquer your opponents. Can you outwit your opponent?

For those who don’t know, Runeterra is a magical homeworld of League of Legends champions that is split into several regions. Each region will have its own style and strategy that will provide specific strengths but also weaknesses.

Cards can be upgraded and turned into a more powerful version of the card.

You will need to craft your strategy by combining different regions of Runeterra or take some risks by experimenting with unique cards and hope it will give you the edge in this fast pace duel. Don’t be fooled and fall into your opponent’s trap.

Players earn cards as you play or can unlock them early within the in-game store.

Its time to build the ultimate deck


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