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Riot LoL Wild Rift For Mobile Explained

When Does The Wild Rift Beta Begin?

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Riot Games promptly announced a collection of new games in honor of the 10th anniversary of the League of Legends, including a free-to-play version of the console and smartphone MOBA titled Wild Rift. The developer neglected to provide the title with a release date but has since announced its ambitious plans to launch a beta for next year.

Although Wild Rift resembles League, in several distinctive areas, the game deviates from the desktop MOBA Variant. Upon the launch, Wild Rift will showcase only a fraction of League’s 146 champions, and the controls between the two games differ greatly. In direct comparison, the map of Wild Rift is smaller than the Summoner’s Rift with fewer towers to help substantially reduce game time.

Wild Rift Gameplay
Wild Rift Gameplay
League Of Legends Wild Rift Gameplay
League Of Legends Wild Rift Gameplay

The developer previewed gameplay but stayed tight-lipped as to when the mobile game will be ready for fans to enjoy. Although we have not received an official date, the launch website of the game indicates that Wild Rift will be available on mobiles by the end of 2020 and will hit consoles at a later stage.

However, in select countries, Riot will operate small alphas and betas to provide fans the rare opportunity to try out the game ahead of its official release. A start date for these trial periods has yet to be confirmed by the League developer, but fans can now sign up for updates from the game’s website.

Anyone with Android devices can pre-register for Wild Rift in the Google Play Store, but just before signing up, console and iOS users will need to wait eagerly until the game arrives on their respective platforms.

Wild Rift Mobile Game
Wild Rift Mobile Game

What is Wild Rift?

Rumors of a League of Legends mobile version emerged in May, as it was said that Riot Games entered a potential deal with Tencent to introduce the MOBA for iOS and Android. Without further ado, the ambitious project has actually come true.

The League of Legends ‘ five-on-five gameplay for the PC has been specifically reconstructed for iOS, Android, and consoles with a new map called Wild Rift. Based on Summoner’s Rift, but streamlined for more rapid matches of 15 minutes to 20 minutes. The game features a dual-stick control system, modified models and animations and the ability to leap into games in seconds.

All the champions can be obtained through playing, with the potential option to buy champions and cosmetics. The game will start out with about 40 champions based on their PC equivalents, with some changes to make the new controls more natural.

Riot Games said it will try to coordinate events and updates between both versions and to look at cross-platform play between mobile devices and consoles. However, League of Legends: Wild Rift will not be cross-platform between mobile and PC.


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