The eagerly anticipated first-person shooter (FPS) from Riot Games has received some late glowing praise in multiple gaming and eSports communities. Project Ares, better known as Project A, has so far, very little confirmation of details, with many of its core elements still undoubtedly in development. But even though little is revealed about the project so far, here’s what we do know so far about Project A.

Tactical FPS Project A Gameplay

He’s also quite enthusiastic about the success of the game, and his overall thoughts are super positive. Early on, it seems that the game can best be described as a combination mix between CS: GO and Overwatch, with characters each having a unique set of utility abilities, but not so powerful that they become the sole way of netting eliminations.

“First of all, at its core, Project A is essentially a round based, 5on5, tactical shooter (Most similar to CS:GO as a twitter surface level comparison) , with the better (and slightly diluted) elements of class/hero based FPS games like Overwatch or Apex Legends, for example.”


Project A – Worlds Biggest First Person Shooter?

Many longtime CS: GO players and other industry professionals have already been getting their hands on the game recently, and almost every one of them is enthusiastic about Project A’s potential impact. Others, including Rob “Slasher” Breslau, an esports journalist are extremely optimistic about the ability of Project A to make a mighty splash in the major eSports industry.

Others in the community like former CS: GO professional @HarryG went on heavily about his time reviewing the game at Riot EU. He’s also quite enthusiastic about the success of the game, and his overall thoughts are super positive.

Project A Release Date

While there is still nothing out there on the progress of Project A, the official website says there’ll be “more information on the project by 2020.”This will presumably include a timetable for release and hopefully more videos of the gameplay and more.

Nonetheless, the game is expected to be free-to-play according to @ivo_kk, with purely cosmetic items being available for sale.(Most similar to CS: Riot’s not verifying this report, so at this stage, it’s purely speculation. You can see the specific post below.

Project A Details
Project A Details