Originally founded by Fishsticks and Ignis in January 2012, LolKing is a well-established site that provided detailed guides, news, events and champion builds to the League Of Legends fan base. So it is with sadness to hear the site has announced that they are closing their doors for good on October 15th.

From 28th of September, it will enter a read-only mode where there will be no more updated content or new data obtained from Riot.

Why Are They Closing Down?

LolKing explains that they are overwhelmed with maintenance and server cost and do not wish to compromise the integrity of the site and therefore are forced to a close.

This comes as a shock to everyone as Tencent, the parent company of Riot Games, developer of League Of Legends are in fact the current owners of LolKing. This came about when Tencent gained ZAM network who first bought the site from the original owners in 2012.

It is still unknown how a powerhouse such as Tencent with the financial status they have, are not unable to prevent LolKing closure. Maybe it has something to do with the recent strain on the relationship between Riot and Tencent.

ShaKarez who was content manager recently shed light on other issues with the site via a tweet. Mentioning the site was bloated and had very intrusive ads, and that with any new UI improvement to the site was bogging down the site. Any concerns he expressed regarding the site seemed to have been ignored

Whatever might have happened, we may never know. All we know is that is a very sad day for the fans of League Of Legends. Farewell LolKing.