Mages receive extra bonus stats for reaching their maxed trait buff. Plus tentative changes to a number of champions.

LoL latest PBE update to the future 10.2 patch, is now available for TFT enthusiast to try and test all the newest changes before they reach the live client.

The update focuses on several traits that include Assassin, Desert, Mage, Shadow, Summoner and Warden and a number of tweaks made to champions such as Ezreal, Malzahar, Renekton, Veigar, Vladimir and Yorick.

It is now possible for Wardens to reach 999% armor upon reaching the final Warden trait bonus. Players will need to have at least 6 Wardens before the final trait milestone is unlocked. The update changes see the armor stats rise from 450% to 999%. Making it much harder for physical damage composition to even make a scratch to them.

Mages also includes receives a major buff to their final milestone trait bonus. They will gain additional +30 extra spell power alongside their 100% chance to double-cast their ultimate skill.

To see the current list of Teamfight Tactic Changes available in LoL 10.2 PBE Update check out all the changes below.

NOTE *: PBE is a testing ground for the introduction of new, provisional & experimental changes. Keep in mind that the following changes may be related to other changes earlier in this cycle and may or may not be released to the live version!

10.2 (PBE) Trait Changes

10.2 (PBE) Champion Changes