Shadows Bombs and New Diner Prefabs Now Available In Fortnite

Sneak up on your enemies with new Stealth Bombs or build the next Durrr Burger, Pizza Pit or Ice Cream shop with brand new Prefabs within Creative Mode

Fortnite has released its Patch v8.51 content update as it prepares for the final chapter of Season 8. Due to the patch only being a content update, there is only a small amount of items added. Nevertheless, Fortnite still manages to add a new weapon, Shadow Bombs and new Diner Prefabs.

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Shadow Bombs

Shadow Bombs Weapons Fortnite
Shadow Bombs – Fortnite

Fortnite announced the new Shadow Bombs was on its way by displaying a coming soon message within the games client news section. Although the new weapon was unveiled, there was no information on the mechanics or how it will be implemented. Until now.

Do you remember the Shadow Stones? Once a player crushed them, it turned them into a haunting ghost figure. Allowing them to glide and pass through the terrain. Shadow Bombs at first glance seem familiar to these Shadow Stones but have key differences.

Shadow Bombs comes in the form a grenade which is thrown down at your feet, cloaking the player and making them invisible. Unlike the shadowy haunting figure of Shadow Stones.

The new weapon also gives the player the ability to jump up buildings or structures like the hit game Assassins Creed. Performing forward summersaults to gain extra heights to sneak up to your targets like a ninja. The only drawback is that players are unable to attack, build or loot whilst under the effects of the Shadow Bomb.

The effects of the Shadow Bomb last for 6 seconds and making you become more visible near the end of the duration.

You can loot for Shadow Bomb in the usual places of Chests, Floor Loot, Creates, etc. Holding a maximum of 6 at a time.

When the Shadow Stones was first introduced, it was plagued by game breaking bugs and so the item was vaulted many times. Shadow Bombs could be the replacement of Shadow Stones as Epic Games may have been forced to start over due to the plethora of bugs it caused.

Dinner Prefabs

Diner Prefabs Durrr Burger, Pizza Pit and SofDeez Fortnite Creative
Durrr Burger, Pizza Pit and SofDeez Prefabs – Fortnite Creative

Three Diner prefabs have made its way over to the Creative Mode. Allowing users to get more creative for their user-created content. The prefabs are based on Fortnite Battle Royale’s restaurants and diners, Durrr Burger, Uncle Pete’s Pizza Pit and SofDeez Ice Cream.

Now you can start creating your own super food mall!

SofDeez Ice Cream Prefab

SofZeez Prefab Fortnite Creative
SofDeez Prefab – Fortnite Creative

Durrr Burger Prefab

Durrr Burger prefab Fortnite Creative
Durrr Burger Prefab – Fortnite Creative

Pizza Pit Prefab

Pizza Pit Tomato Head Prefab Fortnite Creative
Pizza Pit / Tomato Head Prefab – Fortnite Creative


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