To celebrate Pokemon Let’s Go breaking the record of copies sold in the first week, Niantic adds shiny Alolan Raichu in Pokemon Go.

The newly launched Pokemon Let’s Go has broken Nintendo Switch sales record for selling three million copies in the first week. The latest Pokemon game has two editions, Pikachu and Eevee and in celebration of Pokemon Let’s Go success, Niantic adds a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go, Shiny Alolan Raichu.

You will start seeing regular Raichu, Alolan Raichu and all of Eevee evolutions as Raid Bosses to mark the two editions of Pokemon Let’s Go. For those who do not know, Pikachu evolution form is Raichu. It’s also worth mentioning the shiny Alolan Raichu can only be encountered as a Pokémon Go Raid Boss, unlike most other shiny Pokémon.

Alolan Raichu Vs Shiny Alolan Raichu

The shiny version of Alolan Raichu offers no advantage over the normal version with the unique difference is how the Pokemon looks. The shiny Alolan is considerably darker looking than its traditional counterpart which you can see from the images below.

Shiny Alolan Raichu Added To Pokemon Go Alolan Raichu Pokémon
Alolan Raichu -Niantic | Pokemon Go
Shiny Alolan Raichu Added To Pokemon Go Shiny Alolan Raichu Pokémon
Shiny Alolan Raichu -Niantic | Pokemon Go

Alolan Raichu Strengths And Weaknesses

Alolan Raichu instantly becomes boosted in rainy or windy weather but becomes more vulnerable in sunny or foggy conditions, as they boost ground and ghost type Pokemon respectively. Both ground and ghost are super effective against the Electric Pokemon, so you would be wise to pick a Pokemon with these types of moves if you come up against a Raichu.

Alolan Raichu Counters

The most effective Pokemon to use against Raichu is Mewtwo or Gengar with Gengar being the most effective Pokemon. If you do not own Genger or Mewtwo you can use Tyranitar that offers dark-type moves or Groudon that offers ground-type moves. Both supereffective against Alolan Raichu. As a last resort, you can use any of the following Pokémon that is deemed worthy counters; Weavile, Houndoom, Absol, Banette, Scizor, Pinsir, Sharpedo and Alakazam.