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Shiny Elekid Hatched In 2km Eggs During Hatchathon Event [Pokemon Go]

Adding A New Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go - Hatchathon Event Has Arrived

Hatchathon event prepares itself for the new Gen 4 Evolutions that have begun spawning in Pokemon Go

Now the Halloween Event, Halloween Extravaganza has finished, a new event begins. Pokemon Go welcomes Hatchathon event that adds special Pokémon in the hatchable eggs. There was no official word on the shiny Elekid Pokemon, but keen players have already demonstrated their achievements of hatching the newly added Pokémon.

The shiny Pokemon offers no extra bonus or potential advantage during battles. It is merely a collectable that would look awesome if left at the gym for people to heartily admire.

Here is the official announcement

Preparing for the new Gen 4 Evolutions, Pokémon like Porygon, Magby, Rhydon and so on will often be hatched from the eggs. This is naturally to help users stockpile their candy to help them evolve these Pokémon into the newly added Gen 4 Evolutions.

Hatching The Eggs

Users must stock up on incubators, as without these, eggs cannot be hatched. Players traditionally place the egg in the incubators that obtainable through gyms, Pokestops or purchased in-game for cash. These eggs have different variants, 2km, 5km and 10km. Players must physically travel the distance of the egg placed in the incubator to hatch it. Then out pops a Pokémon.

2km eggs are normally saved in your bag and used in the event like Hatchathon. The key reason being is that 2km eggs offer the quickest hatching times. This typically allows you to promptly get new Pokemon, even shiny Pokemon or limited-release Pokemon very quickly. Also, it’s a very practical way of collecting and stockpiling candy.

Therefore, right now is the time to start hatching your eggs.


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