Fortnite patch v6.21 has gone live after two days of delays due to multiple bugs that Epic Games needed to address. The Fortnitemares event hasn’t been the cleanest of updates for Fortnite with the game mode being disabled almost as soon as it went live, multiple challenge issues and then there was the Zoey skin being disabled. Aside from the unavoidable delays Fortnite patch 6.21 has brought with it a bunch of Leaked Fortnite skins, Back Blings and Gliders. These include a new legendary cosmetic Shogun Skin, Shogun’s Glider Kabuto and pickaxe Jawblade. Another Skin that we believe will be a popular choice is the Leaked Growler skin (Epic). Check them out below.

These files were found by data miners, which means that the files for the skins are in the game ready to be released, but does not guarantee that they ever will.

Fortnite Shogun Skin Leaked

Shogun Skin — Legendary. Suited for the ultimate showdown.

Shogun Skin

The Shogun Skin should cost 2,000 V-Bucks providing the skin make it into Fortnite Battle Royale.

Leaked Shogun Pickaxe, Back Bling, and Glider

Kabuto Glider — Rare. Sharp enough to cut through air.

Kabuto Glider
 Pickaxe — Rare. Clench victory between your teeth.

Jawblade Pickaxe
Bladed Wings Back Bling — Legendary. Wings with the edge.

Bladed Wings Back Bling

Should come with the purchase of the Shogun Skin.

Fortnite Growler Skin

Growler Skin — Epic. This good boy is not afraid to bare his teeth.

Growler Skin Epic - Fortnite

Jeez, the Growler Skin looks mean!

Flapjackie Skin — Epic. Loves pancakes almost as much as victory.

Flapjackie Skin Fortnite Epic

Another fun leaked skin, Flapjackie is a female character wearing a hooded jacket with large red ears!

Leaked Growler &  Flapjackie Pickaxe, Glider, and Back Bling

Woofs Back Bling — Epic. Already house-broken.

Woofs Back Bling Epic - Fortnite

Growler and his Back Bling sure is a mixed bag, I’m not sure if we’re supposed to laugh at the skin or be scared!

Nibbles Back Bling — Epic. Stuffed full of carrots.

Nibbles Back Bling Epic Fortnite

We’re still unsure if these next two are for the Growler Skin or with The Flapjackie Skin although it seems likely.

Poofy Parasail Glider — Rare. Puffed up and ready for landing.

Poofy Parasail Glider Rare - Fortnite
 Pickaxe — Uncommon. Swing it over and over and over and over …

Jackspammer Pickaxe Uncommon -Fortnite

I believe the Growler Skin and the Flapjackie Skin will be a pair that will both share this pickaxe.

Fortnite Leaked Skins

Yee-Haw! Skin — Epic. Giddy-up!

Yee-Haw! Skin Epic - Fortnite

This is the female version of the “Giddy-Up!” Skin introduced into the game as part of the season 6 Battle Pass.

Instinct Skin — Rare. Victory comes naturally.

Instinct Skin Rare - Fortnite

Instinct appears to be a soldier in camo, I cannot recall another skin with the same type of camo colors, but she seems to link with the Reflex Skin below.

Reflex Skin — Rare. Quick to react, first to retaliate.

Reflex Skin

Matching the leaked Instinct Skin, Reflex appear to be the male variant of the skins. Featuring the same camo style as the female version.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Ruckus Skin — Rare. Bring the bedlam.

Ruckus Skin Fortnite Rare

The posture of Ruckus in this image gives me Junkrat vibes from Overwatch. Linked with Mayhem — Female version.

Mayhem Skin — Rare. Embrace the destruction.

Mayhem Skin Rare - Fortnite

The leaked Mayhem Skin is a female character that’s wearing spiked knuckle dusters, Spiked shoulder pads, and a futuristic face mask. Linked with the Ruckus Skin — Male version.

Spooky Team Leader — Epic. Find delight in fright.

Spooky Team Leader Skin Epic - Fortnite

Another Team Leader skin, Spooky Team Leader is Halloween themed.

Leaked Fortnite Back Blings

Goodie Gourd Back Bling. Rare

Goodie Gourd Back Bling Epic - Fortnite

Back Bling for Spooky Team Leader.

Response Unit Back Bling — Rare. Send a message.

Response Unit Back Bling

Back Bling for either the Instinct Skin or Reflex Skin.

Reaction Tank Back Bling — Rare. Pressurized

Reaction Tank Back Bling

Reaction is either for the female Instinct Skin or Reflex Skin. Most likely the Instinct Skin.

Spike Chamber — Rare. Rusty and Trusty.

Spike Chamber Back Bling Rare - Fortnite

The Spike Chamber appears to go with the Mayhem Skin.

Puncture Pack Back Bling — Rare. Crusty and musty.

Puncture Pack Back Bling Rare - Fortnite

Possibly matches the Ruckus Skin.

LilKev — Rare. Loves to play in the lake.

Lil'-Kev Back Bling Rare Fortnite

Finally, Epic Games pays tribute to the fans! Releasing this Back Bling with the name LilKev — KEVIN!

Leaked Fortnite Pickaxes

Angular Axe Pickaxe — Uncommon. Acutely obtuse.

Angular Axe Pickaxe

Pickaxe to go with the Instinct and Reflex Skin.

Splinterstrike Pickaxe — Rare. Pointy whichever way you point it.

Splinterstrike Pickaxe Rare - Fortnite

Pickaxe to go with the Mayhem and Ruckus Skin.

Leaked Fortnite Gliders

Pivot Glider — Rare. Primed to pivot with precision.

Pivot Glider

Glider to go with the Instinct and Reflex Skin set.

Junkjet Glider — Epic. It might just get you where you’re going.

Junkjet Glider Epic -Fortnite

Glider to go with the Mayhem and Ruckus Skin Set.

So there you have it, all the leaked Fortnite Skins from patch v6.21. Which ones are your favorite? We personally love the Growler Skin Set. Let us know the ones you plan to buy if they’re released in the comment section below.