The future is here! Fortnite introduces a new way to travel in Season 9

The volcano inside Fortnite Battleground exploded causing two of the most popular landing destinations to be destroyed. As it continues to rain giant fireballs of debris, Peely and Jonesy take cover into a fallout shelter.

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Many years have passed of gaming and dancing, the doors are forced opened revealing three new looking skins. Out from the shadows, Peely has grown out of his skin and steps out into the bright neo world that has risen from the ashes.

Bright lights of new attractions and buildings are not the only thing that has changed, you can now catch a ride, flying in and out of the new Slipstream wind transportation or use the new Air Vents.

Slipstreams and Air Vents

Neo Tilted Fortnite Season 9
Slipstream – Neo Tilted | Fortnite

Fortnite Season 9 has introduced a new Slipstreams transportation system, helping you navigate the new world from the air and travel in style.

Circular hooped objects are located around Fortnite Battlegrounds that allow you to enter into the wind slipstream, keeping you airborne just like the Volcano vents. Players will be able to move faster when actively trying to move down the Slipstream gaining extra velocity.

Coming out of the slipstream you will be launched that is dependant on your speed and angle> Leaving you to explore and loot around the new location in Fortnite Season 9.

Slipstreams Fortnite Season 9 Windpower Transport System
Slipstreams – The Mall | Fortnite

In addtion, there is another method for travelling in the air, by using the Air Vents.

Dotted around the rooftops are Air Vents that gives you a small boost allowing you to bounce from rooftop to rooftop. Just like the bounce pads, as soon as you make contact with the Air Vent, powerful gusts of air hoists you in the air covering small distance and granting immunity from fall damage.

Air Vents Fortnite Season 9
Air Vents – Neo Tilted | Fortnite Season 9