Ever wondered what it would be like if Super Smash Bros and Overwatch had a sadistic lovechild? Well, by playing Super Smashwatch, a brand-new custom game now available through the Overwatch Workshop, you can now witness that exact outcome. Gamers ‘ creativity knows no boundaries and one diehard fan of these two franchises ‘ succeeded in uniquely combining the two into an imaginative (and oddly wonderful) experience that anyone who owns Overwatch can now play for free.

The Super Smashwatch custom game is everything you can fondly imagine and more: Super Smash Bros gameplay featuring iconic Overwatch characters. Reddit / u / ajfis3 (with the valuable help of fellow Redditors / u / Xefoxmusic and / u / HaxD3) worked hard to seamlessly combine the popular side-scrolling brawler from Nintendo with the first-person shooter from Blizzard using the Overwatch Workshop.

The game mode programming using Overwatch’s new Workshop is reasonably thorough with dozens of rules and UI elements. Apart from the other general adjustments, the game’s legendary heroes have naturally had tweaks made to their abilities to ensure the gameplay run smoothly and play fairly.

This is Super Smashwatch’s very first public version, so there is currently only one map (Busan Sanctuary) available for players to enjoy. Using Play > Game Browser > Create > Settings > Import Code and enter VZ4YG, you can play the latest version. Check out the work on Reddit/u / ajfis3 to see the latest updates to this custom game!

The game has currently included the following set of features:

Smashwatch now includes new features such as:

  • Individual player shields and air dodges
  • An active camera which will attempt to keep all players in the frame at all times
  • Individual player live stats in the corners of the screen
  • 3 lives per player
  • Team victory when all players on enemy team have been eliminated
  • Countdown startup sequence alike to smash