Riot Games has given fans a preview of two Heartseeker Skins coming to League of Legends ahead of this year’s Valentine’s Day 2020

Partners in crime, the deadly bot-lane duo Yuumi and Jinx will receive Heartseeker skins that will melt people hearts. Dressed in cute pink and purple outfits, matching previous Heartseeker skins.

Jinx will be swapping her rocket launcher and mini-gun for an innocent flower-shape gun, playing cupid and firing hearts missile at her enemies. On the other hand, Yummi will trade in her flying book for a heart-shaped book with the ability to shoot even more hearts.

Riot Games revealed a sneak peek of Jinx and Yuumi’ skin on Twitter that is set to be released on League of Legends PBE server later today before LoL 10.2 patch goes live.

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Jinx and Yuumi Heartseeker skin should be expected to be released live (patch 10.3) ahead of Valentine’s Day. The expected cost for the skins is set to be around 1350 RP.

Check back soon as we update and show off the full visuals and animations of both Yummi and Jinx skins.