Sony Offers “No Questions Asked” Anthem Refund

Due to bugs and crashes, Sony offers a full refund to players.

BioWare’s highly anticipated shooter Anthem, has experienced a bumpy launch with players reporting multiple bugs and dreadful crashes.

Multiple reports flooded social media stating that Anthem had caused their PlayStation 4 console to switch off abruptly. Understandably worried, game owners received a warning by the console of possible memory corruptions. This has led to Sony rapidly offering a “no questions asked” full refund of the game.

Anthem Refund For PlayStation 4
Sony Offers “No Questions Asked” Refund

The Anthem Developers issued a day one patch to resolve game crashing issues across platforms and had thought they successfully ironed out the game crashing bugs, this was clearly not the case. Across Reddit and Twitter, angered game owners displayed their frustration at the number of bugs they have experienced, which led to many sharing their stories on how they obtained a full refund from Sony without any hassles.

Anthem Full Refund - PlayStation Crashes
Anthem Available on PC, Xbox and PS4.

Anthem is out now on all major console, however, this issues appears to only affect PlayStation 4, If you are experiencing a severe problem with your Anthem purchase, contact Sony directly. EA is said to be working on a fix with the highest priority, but until then, Sony will continue to offer a refund to disgruntled customers.


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