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Special Raid Weekend – Shiny Lugia or Shiny Ho-Oh! [Pokemon Go]

Live right now is the Special Raid weekend where you can fight against Lugia or Ho-Oh during Raid Battles. You may be fortunate to encounter a Shiny Ho-Oh or Shiny Lugia!

During this weekend only, Pokemon Go is in the midst of a Special Raid event. Throughout this event, you will be able to encounter two legendary Pokemon, Ho-Oh and Lugia. They will be appearing as Raid Bosses during Raid Battles so prepare yourselves. The event will run through to Monday, 17th December 2018 1 p.m. PST (GMT −8).

When you fight against the Raid Bosses, there is a chance that the boss will be a Shiny version of the Pokemon. So right now is your chance to collect a Shiny Ho-Oh or Shiny Lugia! Additionally, you may have the chance to unlock special moves for the Pokemon which are slightly more powerful than the normal moves.


This legendary Pokemon is a Flying and fire type pokemon and is vulnerable to Water, Electric and Rock-type moves. The best Pokemon to Battle Ho-Oh is Tyrantiar, Rhyperior, Golem, Omastar. If you do not have any of these Pokemon than a very good alternative are Electivire, Regirock, Solrock and Lunatone. Any of these will give you a huge advantage battling Ho-Oh.

If you are lucky, you may encounter a Shiny Ho-Oh. You can compare the non-shiny and shiny version of the Pokemon below


Similar to Ho-Oh as Lugia is a Flying-type Pokemon but instead of fire, Lugia excel in Psychic abilities. Due to their abilities to fly, Lugia is also susceptible to Electric and Rock-type moves. But as Lugia is Psychic-type Pokemon as well, Ghost, Ice and Dark are super effective against Lugia.

With this in mind, the best Pokemon to counter Lugia are; Tyranitar, Raikou, Electivire, Zapdos, Weaville, Luxray and Ryperior.

Here is what a Shiny Lugia looks like if you do encounter this legendary Pokémon.

Good luck in your Raid Battles in Pokemon Go.


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