Spellbreak has released patch Release .23 update which brings Hope’s End Redesign, the Bug Hunter skin and a bundle of new features.

The most profound change that will occur in Release .23 will be the redesigned of Hope’s End. Teased in the official Release 23 prologue, the location has been revamped. A fresh new map, minimap and map labels have also been added. Multiple consolidated portal locations spread out across the map and a slew of bug fixes.

Spellbreak Hope's End redesigned
Spellbreak Hope’s End Redesign

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Spellbreak Bug Hunter Skin

Another skin released for the supports that have purchased the Limited Edition, Master and Battlemage packs. The Bug Hunter skin is comprised of Green/yellow/gold tones and while not apparent in the image below, features large red bug eyes. The skin will be added to your account automatically as long as you have fulfilled the conditions above. To retrieve the skin go to your Inventory tab on the main screen.

How to get the Bug Hunter Skin Spellbreak
Bug Hunter Skin – Spellbreak Release 23

In our article on the Toxic Gauntlet Rework, we mentioned that although the change over to a threshold system were a great idea, the stages of the threshold was far too linear. It would seem that many people were of the same consensus as we see more changes to how the threshold system works in Release 23.

  • The Toxic Spray spell has its damage thresholds shifted around. Other than the Legendary dropping by a point of damage, the max damage has not changed.
  • This should smooth out the damage curve of Toxic Spray. Previously the jumps between the thresholds were large and it resulted in very staggered damage.
  • 1st projectile/4th projectile/7th projectile/9th projectile damage values:
  • Common:8/8/9/10
  • Uncommon:13/13/13/13
  • Rare: 14/14/14/14
  • Epic: 15/15/15/15
  • Legendary: 16/16/16/1

Bug Fixes and optimizations make up the rest of Spellbreak .23 Release update. You can see all the changes below.


  • Reduced memory usage and eliminated some sources of framerate hitching.
  • Reduced load time when entering a match.
  • Multiple server performance improvements.


  • Main menu music no longer plays over the tutorial video on the main menu.
  • Polished main menu animations.
  • Polished the animation for the default attack.
  • Polished vfx for the Blink and Flight runes, as well as the spawn portal drop trail.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to join the server just before the spawn point countdown ended. This allowed them to remain alive on the lobby island for the entire match and win the game.
    • Ugh, glad this is fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where Assists could potentially be double counted (for exiling and for disrupting).
  • Added the Eruption Amulet to the lobby, tutorial, and practice mode.
    • For all of your ground-slamming practicing.
  • Removed the Slowfall Boots from the lobby, tutorial, and practice mode.
    • These haven’t been enabled in matches for some time, and they shouldn’t have been left lying around to practice with either. One day, they’ll make their triumphant return!
  • Grounding Boots now trigger their speed boost on ANY damage, not just health damage.
    • Gotta go fast…
  • Fixed a bug with wind jumping with the Crosswinds Amulet that caused the wind shear to fly off in an arbitrary direction.