Spellbreak closed Alpha has received another update, bringing two new runes and a rework to the Wind Gauntlet.

During the Alpha stages, games will go through many transitioning phrases. Bug fixes, UI Changes, new items and many skill reworks. Spellbreak’s latest patch .24 will feature all of these typical traits. Introducing two new mobility runes, some good quality of life changes, fixing lingering bugs and reworking the wind gauntlet skills. Here’s a breakdown of all the changes.

Spellbreak Wind Rework

Choosing the Wind Gauntlet prior to the patch was done so with utility in mind. Using the added moveability and dispelling incoming skills. It was under no circumstances the first choice when thinking about offensive combos or even a primary source of your damage output. Proletariat the developers behind Spellbreak sore this as a potential problem stating “This is not only confusing for players, but sets a precedent that we’re not comfortable with. You shouldn’t have to choose between damage and utility.”

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To bring the Wind gauntlets more in tune, changes have been made to Wind’s spells, sorcery, and the iconic window jump.

Projectile damage – Wind Shear will now be more potent at close range but will suffer a damage falloff between 5m to 15m.

New base damage values:

  • Common: 6-12
  • Uncommon: 7-15
  • Rare: 8-16
  • Epic: 9-17
  • Legendary: 10-18

Mana cost now scales based on gauntlet rarity.

Wind Jump: Players will be capable to jump much higher than previously, however, the initial Wind Jump will impulse you less than before. Either commit to the mana cost to reach new heights or reserve your mana pool and take smaller strides.

Windup animation has been removed!

Spellbreak Wind rework patch .24
Spellbreak Wind no wind-up animation

Unhappy with how little the Wind’s Tornado impacted engagements, the development team have also made large changes to the skill.


  • Cooldown has been reduced by five seconds from 20s to 15s.
  • Tornado no longer deals damage, although affecting the tornado with an element will still cause damage.
  • The Duration of the tornado has been decreased by three seconds.
  • Tornado promptly pulls players into the eye of the Tornado. Players in the air will be pulled much more vigorously. This change will allow you to know exactly where your enemy will be to get off a powerful round of combos.
  • Pull distance has been increased and falloff of pull strength decreased.

On paper, these changes seem fantastic and achieve the goal set out. The utility of wind remains with Wind Jump while creating offensive combos are more achievable with the new Tornado mechanics.

Spellbreak New Runes

Two new runes have been introduced in patch .24 an Uncommon rune and an Epic rune. First up with have the Springstep Rune. Leaping in the direction you’re inputting, Springstep will strengthen your mobility with a gentle nudge into the air.

Spellbreak New Rune Springstep
Spellbreak Spingstep Rune

The new Epic Rune Dash will add some flair to your arsenal! Quickly dashing in a direction your inputting, this rune will provide players absolute control by allowing you to steer during the dash. Dash Rune will have a high skill ceiling with, I’m sure, many fantastic outplay opportunities.

Dash Rune Spellbreak Patch.24
Spellbreak Dash Rune

You can view the entire Spellbreak .24 “Mystery of the Runes” patch notes here.