Spellbreak has exploded its way into the Battle Royale Genre with its unique interpretation of the genre. Spellbreak is not your typical gun wielding Battle Royale like Fortnite or PUBG. Each game players will have multiple customizable paths to express themselves.

With so many options available – Two Gauntlets, Six Elements, Class roles, Items and combos, we’ve provided a guide to help you choose which role appeals to you the most.

Spellbreak Gauntlets Skills

Each match you’ll find various elemental gauntlets, you can equip one on your left hand and one to your right. The gauntlets allow you to cast primary auto attacks and a second attack called – Sorcery, a more impressive and destructive attack, however, Sorcery comes with a comparatively high cooldown.

Available Gauntlets


Primary: Fire

Sorcery: Wall of Fire

The primary attack is a standard fireball, a projectile that flies in a straight line and explodes in small AOE on impact.

The Wall of Fire is used as a form of zone-control tool, placing a wall of fire at the selected location, any player that crosses onto the fire will suffer continuous damage. Each attack will produce frost on the ground that reduces traction and with skill points grant multiple benefits.


Primary: Ice Lance

Sorcery: Blizzard

Primary attack is a chargeable (click and hold down the attack) Ice Lance. The longer you hold down the attack you’ll gain increased damage and velocity.

Blizzard is a short-range self-casting AOE that freezes enemies in place allowing you to escape or aid with killing.


Primary: Fissure/Shockwave

Sorcery: Boulder

Stone primary attack punches the ground shooting forward a shockwave that causes high damage, but only against enemies on the ground.

The Sorcery skill provides you the ability to hurl an enormous boulder. This shoots out in an arc and can travel huge distances. The greater the distance thrown the boulder the bigger it gets.


Primary: Venom Spray

Sorcery: Toxic Cloud

Toxic’s primary attack fires multiple projectiles which if they miss will leave a puddle of poison on the ground dealing damage to anyone that touches them.

Launched in a slight arc the toxic sorcery is a massive poison cloud. Players hit with the cloud will suffer damage and will continuously take damage if they remain in the area.


Primary: Gust of Wind

Sorcery: Whirlwind/Tornado

Wind’s primary attack receives the longest wind-up time, however, if you hold down the trigger button each attack after the first will fly out in rapid succession. You can additionally use this attack to blast yourself into the air by aiming the primary attack at your feet. This will give you some extra mobility and potentially style points on kills.

Launching a stationary tornado, wind’s sorcery will deal damage to players caught inside of the tornado and pulling players towards the center.


Primary: Lightning Bolt

Sorcery: Lightning Storm

The primary attack will fire three bolts of lightning in quick succession. The project offers a very reliable hit scan but underwhelming in damage.

Lightning Storm is a large AOE attack that not only has the ability to damage players caught inside the storm but also the chance to stun.

Spellbreak Combos – All Elements

What are Spellbreak combos?

Combos within Spellbreak are essentially combining elements together to alter the original element of the attacks. Below you’ll find all Spellbreak Combos for every element. We’ve excluded interactions that negatively impact the elements like Earth breaking Frost interactions. While they can be useful to removed enemies spells, we will only be covering those that have a combo effect on your personal skills.

Combos are created by causing elemental reactions depending on the gauntlet used. Most spell combos make use of real world elemental physics – Fire melting ice, wind blowing out fire. Here’s the list of element combos within Spellbreak so far.

Stone / Fire

  • Using the Stone Sorcery Skill – Boulder and then striking the the large rock with your fireball will turn the boulder into a meteorite. On impact the meteorite will explode leaving behind a small area of fire.
  • Casting Fire Wall and then stone’s primary attack will set the cracked path ablaze

Fire / Toxic

  • Shooting a fireball on top of Toxic’s primary or Sorcery skill will causes an explosion and a very potent fire for a short duration.

Fire / Wind

  • Firing any fire element into the Wind’s Tornado will set the entire skill on fire.

Frost / Lightning

  • Lightning will electrify frost or water, however, this will not cause any damage but does have a chance to stun anyone that stumbles onto the area.

Frost / Stone

  • Hitting a launched Boulder with an Ice Lance will turn the Boulder into a falling iceberg. On impact the iceberg will shatter leaving frost on the ground.

Frost / Toxic

Frost and Toxic are very interesting once combined. Instead of causing straight-forward reactions the two elements tend to combine whilst keep their original element. This creates very interesting dynamics. For example: Frost added to toxic puddles will freeze the area, however, the area will still be toxic by nature, shooting a fireball at the area will set the frozen toxic ablaze instead of simply melting the ice.

  • Toxic primary attack burns through and replaces any frost on the ground.
  • Firing an Ice Lance at a Toxic Cloud will solidify the entire cloud.

Toxic / Lightning

  • Lightning will electrify Toxic adding a chance to stun to the continuous toxic damage.
  • Using Lightning Storm on Toxic will set the Toxic on fire for added damage.

Wind / Toxic

  • Firing Toxic through the Wind’s tornado will coat the tornado in Toxic.
  • Although Wind’s Primary attack will remove Toxic puddles, it will also create mini explosions first.

Wind / Lightning

  • Shoot lightning through a tornado will cause the area to be surrounded by lightning.

Fire / Frost

  • Fire will remove the ice on the ground generating steam. This will cause low damage to players that step in the area.
  • Using Ice Lance on steam will solidify the area.

Stone / Lightning

  • Using Stone’s primary attack into a lightning storm will cause the opened ground to be set on fire.
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