Proletariat’s battle royale RPG Spellbreak has received its largest patch to date. Introducing a new Quest System and The Blind Faith Skin.

Entitled “Release 20: The Quest Begins”, Spellbreak’s latest patch has introduced many new features to speed up the learning time required for new players. A common issue many players and familiar streamers currently have with Spellbreak remains its difficulty to learn the basics.

Attempting to remedy this, Proletariat has introduced a brand-new basic tutorial with the promise of more to come. Loading up the game you’ll now be greeted with a video tutorial pop-up. However, it’s in-game you’ll notice the biggest changes. The UI is extremely clearer and crisp, selecting a class is now more progressional and cues throughout your game are helpful and intuitive. Picking up an armor potion or health potion, for example, you will now see an on-screen prompt on how to use the item.

Spellbreak New Features

The first major patch for Spellbreak have introduced many fresh features, the biggest, no doubt, is a quest system. Players will receive up to three quests a day, completing the quest will grant you bonus XP. The quest system is still in the very early stages and Proletariat has insinuated more rewards and quests will be added in the future. Will we see a Spellbreak Battle Pass introduced before the game’s official release?

Daily quests - Spellbreak patch 20
Daily Quests – Spellbreak

Leaderboards have gained an additional tab to showcase the new XP Leaderboards. This tab will show the total XP and is not broken out by class XP. There will be more leaderboards to compete for in later patches. Conceivably, these placements will bear more fruit than just ego points.

If you purchased the Limited Edition Founders pack, your Blind Faith skin is now available to be used. To retrieve your skin, navigate to your inventory.

Not only has the UI Changed to help new players throughout the game but also we see a brand-new end of the match UI. After each game, you’ll be able to see more stats alongside your chosen character, Revamped HUD plus the defeat screen will only appear once all your party members have been eliminated.

Eng Game Stats Spellbreak
End Game Stats – Spellbreak

Spellbreak Balance Changes


Lightning Gauntlets

Lightning Strike has been reworked to be more effective and less affected by RNG. Lightning Strike will now Shoot out a significant strike on the ground, targeting the nearest opponent within its radius. Most importantly, the strike can target opponents in midair.

As a result of the rework, the following skill has been changed to make more sense.

Lightning Rod

Old: “Become immune to all Lightning Strikes and gain 15/30/45 mana every time you are struck by one.”

New: “Your Lightning Strike strikes an additional 1/2/3 times.”

With the change to the lightning gauntlet’s Lightning Strike, the previous skill didn’t make much sense. The new skill can greatly augment the amount of damage the sorcery is capable of, especially against unaware players or those with impaired mobility.

Classes Buffs



Old: “Increases the length of your Shockwave by 15/30/45%, but decreases its damage by 30/25/20% and makes it bounce off obstacles instead of colliding.”

New: “Increases the length of your Shockwave by 15/30/45% and makes it bounce off obstacles instead of colliding.”

When we introduced Rockslide, we were concerned that it would be too strong with the then current state of Shockwave. After Shockwave has been toned down, however, Rockslide was worth revisiting and we’ve opted to remove the damage debuff component. We hope we’ll see some sweeter trick shot montages…

Earth’s Mantle

Fixed a bug where subsequent activations of Earth’s Mantle would reset the cooldown to 90 seconds regardless of which level you had. Earth’s Mantle at level 2 and 3 should have a properly reduced cooldown.

This is a bugfix, but we wanted to call it out up here since it could definitely affect balance.


Vanishing Mists

Old: “Become immune to all Toxic Clouds and become invisible for 3/6/9 seconds when entering one.”

New: “Become immune to all Toxic Clouds and become invisible and increase your sprint speed by 35% for 3/6/9 seconds when entering one.”

Largely Vanishing Mists was used as a high-risk opener or escape. By adding a substantial move speed buff to it, it should be even more usable in these circumstances and help it to be less risky running through the clouds.


Updraft – Updraft now makes a player immune to ALL tornadoes (including toxic, flaming, electric), not just basic ones.

This was super confusing for players as to why they’d be immune to one swirly wind thing and not others. This also incidentally buffs it in a big way in the chaotic combats.


Shot Caller

Fixed a bug which prevented Shot Caller from amplifying certain types of “generic” damage. This should allow SC to truly affect ALL types of incoming damage.

This is another bug fix that warranted being called out in balance since there was enough of this generic damage going around that a change here can have significant impacts on the overall damage of the Scout’s party.

Classes Nerf’d


In the hands of a skilled player, Scholar when combined with certain runes was incredibly strong. Both of the rune cooldown abilities are being changed which should leave more design space for other runes and ability changes in the future.

Updated Translations – The cooldown reduction has been reduced from 30% to 20%.

Runic Inspiration

Old: “After using a rune, decreases your and your nearby teammates’ rune cooldown by 25/30/35% for 5 seconds.”

New: “After using a rune, decreases your and your nearby teammates’ rune cooldown by 30/40/50% for 5 seconds (targets have a 15-second cooldown).”

This change prevents a player from having a 100% uptime on the buff and in exchange the magnitude of the effect has been increased. This will allow for “burst” gameplay using a low CD rune while allowing longer cooldown runes to enjoy a bigger benefit.



Old: “Players can be set on fire, dealing 3/6/9 damage per second for 3 seconds.”

New: “Your Fireballs set players on fire, dealing 2/4/6 damage per second for 3 seconds.”

_Two changes of note here: 1) The damage was toned down by 30%. We were seeing a disproportionate amount of damage coming from high-level Ignite. 2) Flamewalls and other sources of fire will no longer set a target on fire, only Fireball (or combinations delivered via a Fireball).

You can see the full Spellbreak patch 20 here.