Spellbreak’s Latest alpha update Release .22 has seen major changes made to how the Toxic Gauntlet works. But are the changes good?

One of the most used and popular Gauntlets since the very beginning has been changed in the hope of becoming more consistent, stronger and easy to read from an attacking and defending point of view. To catch everyone up, the changes that transpired during The Fracture: Release 22 to the Toxic Gauntlets is as follows.

  • The Toxic Spray spell now shoots 10 projectiles instead of 4.
  • Its damage calculation has also changed: it is now applied upon different thresholds being reached of the number of projectiles that hit a given target. For all weapon rarities, the thresholds are 1 projectile, 3 projectiles, 7 projectiles, and 10 projectiles. These thresholds are additive with one another, such that you’ll get the damage of all of the thresholds you hit, not just the highest one.
  • The new damage numbers per threshold are as follows:
  • Common: 1, 11, 31, 45 Uncommon: 2, 14, 36, 52
  • Rare: 3, 16, 39, 56
  • Epic: 4, 18, 42, 60
  • Legendary: 5, 20, 45, 65
  • E.g. Legendary will do 5 damage if at least 1 projectile hits, 15 additional damage (so a total of 20) if at least 3 projectiles hit, another 25 damage if at least 7 projectiles hit (for a total of 45), and finally an additional 20 damage if all 10 projectiles hit. So, the maximum (unbuffed) damage of a Legendary poison spell is 5+15+25+20=65. (Note that this means e.g. the same amount of damage is done whether 5 or 6 projectiles hit the target.)

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Let’s break this down to see if Toxic welding players are in a more suitable spot than they previously were.

Spellbreak Toxic Rework - Fires ten projectiles
Spellbreak Toxic Gauntlet Fires Ten Projectiles

The first major point is the Toxic Gauntlet will now fling 10 projectiles instead of four as a result player will now have a more consistent spray pattern which provides a far better experience. The width of the spray has not been altered to any noticeable extent only the projectiles within the width has changed. Projectile speed has also been left untouched.

The essential change at least in terms of importance is in the damage output. Beforehand each projectile would deal equal damage and scale up organically. Now the Toxic Gauntlets will work on a threshold system. Reaching a certain threshold will produce a predetermined damage outcome. These, as seen above, start with one hit, three hits, seven hits and finally ten hits.

Implementing these adjustments drastically changes the way you’ll operate the Toxic Gauntlets and the implications it causes towards your overall damage. Dealing consistent damage is far easier with the new system now and far more forgiving then before. You no longer have to be so reliant on a good spray pattern, just move in close and aim at your target to get most projectiles to hit. There is, however, a major problem to this…

The thresholds are far too linear, you will find yourself in situations time and time again where you land 6 out of the 10 projectiles only to receive mediocre damage due to not reaching the threshold of seven. Landing six projectiles only credit you with the damage output of three hits which is half the number of projectiles actually landed. To put this into context, let’s take the Legendary Toxic Gauntlets as an example, at the threshold of three projectiles you’ll deal 20 damage, hitting six projectiles you’ll still deal 20 damage. However, if you land just one more projectile, you’ll be rewarded with the seven threshold and deal 45 damage.

Playing the game and constantly coming across this issue will become disheartening and discouraging for many players. Possibly adding thresholds in stages of two would be a better approach, but let’s not forget this is the first of I’m sure many changes to Gauntlets during alpha so things will change quickly.

Spellbreak Toxic Gauntlet Rework
Spellbreak Toxic Spray pattern

During the game, it’s extremely hard to hit all ten projectiles unless you are right in your opponents face, so keep in mind that most of your damage will be in the seven projectile threshold range from now on.

Overall I really like the direction the Toxic Gauntlets are going, however, there is definitely room for improvement which I’m sure will come in the patches to follow. What do you all think of the changes and how have they affected the way you now play?