Spellbreak is a delightful new game that mixes spell casting and build strategies from RPG’s and merges them with the Battle Royale genre. Spelbreak offers players multiple routes to customize your character on a game by game basis. One critical aspect that can help you win at Spellbreak is runes. Selecting the right rune for you can be vital to your success. Below you’ll find out guide to Spellbreak Best Runes.

There are currently eight mobility runes that the game offers, and each of the eight runes allows you to modify the way your character moves for a brief period of time. Cooldowns of runes are separate from gauntlets and require no mana cost.

Some runes can equally benefit from other items you have equipped or by the class you select, for example, if you select the Scavenger class your runes will benefit from 5% cooldown reduction – Providing your inventory is full.

Scavenger Class Spellbreak
Scavenger Class – Spellbreak

Runes should not be overlooked as they are one of the core elements that define how a player plays. The selection of runes can be the determining factor in a fight to who lives and who dies. It’s best to get familiar with each Rune and what they do. Know their pros, cons and how you can get the most out of them.

Spellbreak Runes:

Invisibility Rune

Allow you to become invisible for ten seconds. The rune has a one-second cast time with a ten-second cooldown timer. It’s remarkable for invading your enemies without warning. If you attack while invisible you’ll instantly become visible and your cooldown will still be 10 seconds no matter how long you were invisible for.

Feather Fall Rune

This rune allows you to launch into the air and slowly over seven seconds you’ll fall at a steady pace. It has a nine-second cooldown timer and is best used in conjunction with jumping (spacebar). It’s great for capturing the high ground quickly, however, due to the gentle descent, the Feather Fall Rune makes you a vulnerable target.

Flight Rune

Grant you the ability to take flight for four seconds. Flight can be interrupted by taking damage or colliding with other objects. Flight has a 25-second cooldown timer but has an instant activation time. It’s best for increasing distance from an enemy or getting a better view of the surrounding fight. This Rune offers great mobility, but that does come with a cost to stealth. Taking flight is very loud, and you’ll be an easy target once you land if you don’t have any type of mobility gauntlet.

Chronomaster Rune

Rewinds times for four seconds, returning your HP and armor to the state it was four seconds in the past. The Chronomaster Rune has a 25-second cooldown timer and can be modified with equipment increasing its charges. The rune is great maneuvering around your opponents or creating small skirmishes and then rewinding time to get the upper hand. Using the Rune will, however, produce small yellow orbs that show your opponent where you were four seconds ago.

Teleportation Rune

Allow you to teleport to a target location. It has a 16-second cooldown timer with a one second cast time. The distance that you can teleport is relatively short but combined with some pieces of equipment can allow you to add additional teleport locations. You can note which areas you can teleport to by utilizing the in-game color guide – Pink locations can be teleported to and red represents areas you cannot teleport too. Activating the Teleportation Rune will leave behind a ball of light that will track your movement momentarily.

Teleportation Rune - Red Indicator -Spellbreak
Teleportation Rune – Pink Indicator
Teleportation Rune - Red Indicator - Spellbreak
Teleportation Rune – Red Indicator

Blink Rune

Dashes forward a short distance. By default, you will have a maximum of three charges, however, when combined with other equipment that number can grow. Each charge has a .3 second cooldown timer, upon using all three charges the rune will go on a three-second cooldown timer. When in battle, the Blink Rune is best used to re-position yourself either aggressively or defensively. Try using similarly to how you would playing Tracer from Overwatch. You can equally use it alongside other mobility items like gauntlets to increase your height or distance.

Shadow Step Rune

Blinks forward a short distance and becoming invisible. You can only become invisible for five seconds and after being invisible the rune will go on a 15-second cooldown timer. This rune is definitely best used by sneaky assassin type players, timing the rune with the phasing boots will good you an absurd amount of invisible time to get yourself into position. Using the rune will leave behind a puff of black smoke.

Wolf’s Blood Rune

Once activated the Wold’s Blood Rune will allow you to see other players through walls and terrain for 40 seconds. This support rune is best used in group combat in conjunction with group chat, while you’ll be capable of seeing the enemy’s position your teammates will not. Therefore, you will have to get used to calling out their position.

Each Rune has pros and cons but like all facets of Spellbreak, the best runes to use will depend on your playstyle. Personally, for me, Wolf’s Blood Rune is invaluable when playing in groups. For Solo, I tend to aim for the Shadow Step Rune. Which rune is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section.