One of League Of Legends newest champions gets the Prestige Edition Treatment

LoL patch v9.18 is set to be a huge update when it reaches the live client as Riot Games begins packing the newest patch full of cosmetics, new creatures, content and events. One area Riot Games has focused on is the new Star Guardian Skins with four more champions set to wear the much-loved themed skin.

Rakan and his inseparable partner Xayah, Zoe and one of LoL newest champion Neeko are the lucky chosen ones to receive the Star Guardian skin. However, if you don’t know by now, Neeko has been given the Prestige Edition treatment. That’s right, the highly rare and costly Star Guardian Neeko Prestige Edition Skin will be soon available coinciding with LoL next patch update.

Star Guardian Neeko Prestige Edition Skin

Star Guardian Neeko Prestige Edition Skin Splash Art LoL
Star Guardian Neeko Prestige Edition Skin Splash Art

Neeko Prestige Edition skin is virtually identical to her Star Guardian outfit except the skin color palet matches previous Prestige Edition Skin with the famous white and gold trims. However, as Neeko is a chameleon you will notice there is a spot of pink found on her tail.

All animations and effects are also the same as her counterpart skin but it contains new golden particles effects to match the Prestige Edition theme.

How to unlock Star Guardian Neeko Prestige Edition Skin?

Last time Star Guardians skins were introduced, the Satr Guardian Invasion Event was released alongside them. A PVE (Player vs Environment) game-mode where player overcome waves of clone champions and minions in five gruelling stages to become victorious.

As Star Guardian themed assets make its way over to LoL PBE server, it appears Riot Games are gearing up to another Star Guardian Event.

Due to Neeko Prestige Edition skin being Star Guardian theme, it is more than likely the rare skin will follow suit of Project Irelia Prestige Edition skin and can be unlocked with Event Tokens, likely to be called Star Guardian Tokens.

Typically, Prestige Edition skin requires around 2000-2500 Tokens to unlock which is achievable by the pass from the Riot Store.

Remember, Prestige Edition Skin will only be available during the limited timed events. Prestige Edition Skin unlocked with Prestige Points is not tied to any event and therefore, can be unlocked throughout the year.

Update: Sadly there is no Star Guardian event this time around. Star Guardian Neeko Prestige Edition can be unlocked by exchanging 100 Prestige Points.