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Start Saving Your Candy — New Gen 4 Evolutions On The Way [Pokémon]

Latest Monthly Newsletter — Niantic Acknowledges Sinnoh Evolutions

Over 20 evolutions are introduced in the Sinnoh Regions, which Pokemon Evolutions will we see first?

Niantic has already started to roll out some Gen 4 Pokemon in Pokémon Go but pretty much every player is waiting to hear any news in any shape or form regarding the Gen 4 Evolutions and now we do.

Thanks to the official monthly newsletter for Pokémon Go, Niantic shed some light on the situation. Niantic explains that

“While not all of these Evolutions are currently available, start saving your Candy, as you’ll want to evolve your Pokémon once you have the chance.”

 Speculating that new Gen 4 evolutions Pokemon are on the way.

In the game Pokemon, you can evolve your Pokémon to make them stronger, change their appearance and even learn new moves. Pokemon evolves when they reach a certain level or have been given a specific item to help them evolve. However, some Pokémon do not evolve at all.

4th Gen Evolutions

What makes Gen 4 evolutions special, is that some Gen 1 Pokémon received an evolution state with the arrival of Gen 4 Pokemon. Popular Pokémon such as MagmarRyhdonElectrobuzzPorygon and so on, gave the original fans of Pokémon the feeling of nostalgia and excitement. Pokemon has been around for decades, so it feels good that players can reminisce on the old days and now look forward to seeing their beloved Pokemon evolve.

Some Pokémon evolutions that were introduced in Gen 4 were not always later forms of the Pokemon but pre-evolution states of the Pokémon. One of the fan favourite giant sleeping PokémonSnorlax had a pre-evolution introduced in the 4th Generation called Munchlax.

Pokemon New Gen 4 Evolutions On The Way

Image by Reddit user nafsadh edited by l2pbomb

More Egg Hatching?

Due to the fact, you can’t normally devolve Pokémon, there are some cases that have existed in other Pokémon games, it is more than likely we would get to see new eggs that need to be hatched to collect these pre-evolution Pokemon.

How to evolve Gen 4 Pokemon?

It has been reported that a Sinnoh Stone has recently been discovered that once you give to the right Pokémon, they will begin to evolve.

When can we expect to see 4th Gen Evolutions?

Niantic will probably roll out the 4th Gen evolutions at certain stages slowly as he has done with previous integration of new Pokémon in Pokemon Go. We currently have no information on when that might be or what evolutions will be introduced or how many, but from the newsletterwe would assume it you’ll be seeing Gen 4 evolutions of Pokémon sometime soon.


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