Purchases either pass in selected regions to show your support to the eSports fandom and earn exclusive rewards

Starting today, League Of Legends have introduced a Team Pass and Fan Pass that are now available for purchase in the in-game Riot Store. To allow players to show their love and support to their current regional leagues and pro teams. Not only will it show your dedication to eSports but you can earn exclusive missions and rewards such as Icons, emotes, ward skins and more.

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LoL Fan Pass

The Fan Pass for League of Legends is available for the regions, Brazil, Turkey, Latin America, Japan and Oceania. As soon as you purchase the Fan Pass from the Riot Store, players will receive exclusive missions to earn various rewards. 50 % of revenue will be shared will all the pro teams in your regions league.

How Much Does A Fan Pass Costs?

The Fan Pass will cost you 980 RP (Riot Points) that will give you access to missions and exclusive rewards.

LoL Fan Pass Rewards

Fan Pass Rewards League Of Legends
Fan Pass Rewards – League Of Legends

The Fan Pass rewards include:-

  • Icones
  • Emote
  • A Ward Skin
  • Blue Essences
  • Key Fragments
  • 2 Masterwork Chests
  • Chroma for Dragonslayer Braum

LoL Team Pass

The Team Pass is to the rest of the League of Legends regions, Europe and North America. However, the Team Pass will be a slightly different experience to the Fan Pass. Focusing around LEC and LCS Teams, Team Pass holders can select one team to support for the duration of the split.

Each player can purchase one LCS Team Pass in which they can support an LCS team and one LEC Team Pass and choose one LEC team to support. Again, 50% of revenue made will support teams in North America and Europe.

How Much Does A Team Pass Costs?

It will cost the same as the Fan Pass of 980 RP and earn specific team rewards from completing missions.

LoL Team Pass Rewards

Team Pass Rewards Leaguge of Legends
Team Pass Rewards – Team Ward Skin | Team Icon | Team Emote

The Team Pass rewards include:-

  • Team Icons
  • A Team Emote
  • A Team Ward Skin
  • Blue Essences
  • Key Fragments
  • 2 Masterwork Chests
  • LCS Chroma for Dragonslayer Braum (LCS Team Pass Only)
  • LEC Chroma for Dragonslayer Braum (LEC Team Pass Only)