New in-game medal to track Giovanni battles as he finally enters Pokémon Go

Team Rocket members were spotted in Pokémon Go last week, roaming around, up to their usual mischief. However, for the first time, Pokemon Go players were able to battle Rocket grunts in order to track down and locate their leaders.

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Every time players entered a battle against a Team Rocket Grunt, they found another small piece of the Rocket Rader. A device once fully assembled, will help track down Three Team Rocket leaders Cliff, Arlo and Sierra.

You will need to use different strategies against each leader as their choice of Pokemon are vastly different from one enough. Providing them with different strength and weaknesses.

However, the three Team Rocket Leaders are just a warm-up act compare to the man running Team Rocket operations, Giovanni.

Professor Willow task Pokémon Go players last night to construct a “Super Rocket Radar” that will help track down Giovanni himself.

Already, players have shared videos of them defeating Giovanni and obtain their first Shadow Pokémon. The reward you will receive if you are lucky enough to defeat Team Rocket Leader, Giovanni.

Is this the end of Giovanni?

Short answer, No. A new Giovanni questline will appear every month, which was confirmed by Niantic in a Q&A blog post. In addition, there will be a new medal which helps keep track of all your meetings with Giovanni.

Next time we shall see Giovanni should be in December before the Christmas festivities begin. Hopefully, more Shadow Pokémon rewards will be available.