TFT is currently in a weird transitional period at the moment. Whilst the classic gameplay seems to be in a decent state, as well as the meta being generally diverse, most TFT players are really just waiting eagerly for mid-March to arrive for Set 3: TFT Galaxies launch. However, the balance team is not sitting idle waiting for Galaxies to arrive and have decided that Shadows need immediate adjustments to their overall strength.

TFT 10.4 Patch Notes

Let’s take a firsthand look at the TFT 10.4b Patch Notes which will offer some buffs, nerfs and general game adjustments. This will be a smaller patch like many B patches, but some fundamental changes to specific traits, champions, and items are featured.

Teamfight Tactics 10.4B Shadow Nerf

In patch 10.4b, the Shadow Bonus Damage overall decreases further still after it was brought down slightly in patch 10.3. Rather than units receiving a 165% buff damage, they are currently going to be bolstered by ‘ just ‘ 150%.

TFT 10.4b Shadow Nerf Hotfix
TFT 10.4b Shadow Nerf Hotfix

Two Shadow champions are deliberately targeted too. Even as Sion’s Spell Damage at level one stays the same, its upgraded versions will precipitate slightly less damage. At level two Decimating Smash now does 350 damage rather than 400, whereas the damage to a level three Sion is lowered from 800 to 700. The apparent opposite occurs for Master Yi, who is seeing his early damage dialed back. His Level 1 Bonus Damage is greatly diminished from 75 to 40, whereas Level 2 reduces the bonus from 100 to 80.

TFT 10.4B Changes

  • Shadow Bonus Damage: 65%/165% ⇒ 65%/150%
  • Sion Spell Damage: 200/400/800 ⇒ 200/350/700
  • Master Yi Bonus Damage: 75/100/500 ⇒ 40/80/500