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Teamfight Tactics Gold And Experience Guide

Learn how to earn tons of Gold in League of Legends TFT

Managing Gold and Experience in Teamfight tactics is vital to gain an economic edge over your opponents. Knowing how to save, when to level up and when to spend your Gold will considerably increase your chances of winning. This TFT Gold and Experience Guide will help you learn how to carefully manage your game economy successfully.

How does gold work in Teamfight Tactics?

Gold just like in traditional League of Legends is used appropriately as a form of currency, however, instead of purchasing items you’ll be buying affordable units (Champions). Extra experience can also be generated using collected gold.

Each round players receive 5 Passive Gold and will obtain an extra one gold per every 10 unused Gold up to a cap. Winning or losing multiple games in a row will also grant extra Gold, again up to a cap. Let’s take a look at the necessary requirements at each Gold interest level.

Gold Interest Bonus

  • 10 Gold = 1 Gold Interest
  • 20 Gold = 2 Gold Interest
  • 30 Gold = 3 Gold Interest
  • 40 Gold = 4 Gold Interest
  • 50 Gold = 5 Gold Interest

Holding more than 50 unspent Gold will not grant you any more interest, +5 is the highest. Once you’ve reached past the highest limit, it’s most lucrative to spend your Gold to stay only just above 50.

Being at the very top of the leader board or at the bottom both have their benefits thanks to the increased Gold when you win/lose multiple games in a row. This is one of the fundamental reasons a losing strategy works in Teamfight Tactics. Not only do you receive more Gold when you’re on an 8 game losing streak but additionally, you’ll get to pick a new champion first in the carousel.

Winning or Losing Gold Bonus

  • Win or Lose 2 games in a row = +1 Gold
  • Win or Lose 5 games in a row = +2 Gold
  • Win or Lose 8 games in a row = +3 Gold

How to get XP and when to buy XP in TFT

Valuable experience (XP) is the economic metric used to level up and secure an extra champion space on the board. Each round you’ll earn 2 XP at the start of each round, additionally spending 4 Gold will graciously grant you 4 XP. The first three levels will be earned automatically during the beginning creep rounds. Any point after, you will need to reach a specified amount of experience to level up.

Required TFT XP to level

  • Level 1-3 earned at the start of the game during the creeps rounds.
  • Level 4 = 6 XP to level
  • Level 5 = 10 XP to level
  • Level 6 = 18 XP to level
  • Level 7 = 30 XP to level
  • Level 8 = 48 XP to level
  • Level 9 = 70 XP to level

When to level up in Teamfight Tactics?

The precise time to typically purchase XP using Gold is crucially dependent on many contributing factors throughout the game. If you, fortunately, have a unit ready to go on the board that will drastically change your build and you can comfortably afford it. Do it. You can abide by a few fundamental rules if you’re struggling. Level up anytime these favorable conditions arise.

  1. Any time that your XP is 8 away from leveling.
  2. You can reasonably afford it. (When rolling champions will offer you little.)
  3. A champion that will positively impact your team needs to be added to the board.

Teamfight Tactics Gold Strategies

TFT is still relatively new and so talented players are still finding out the meta. That being mentioned, managing your economy goes hand in hand with any success you acquire, therefore, it’s extremely important. There are many game guide strategies that will inform you exactly when to use your gold and why. However, from personal experience, these grand strategies seem to only add more RnG to the game mode. Nonetheless, here’s one of the popular strategies that maintains a decent success rate.

Hyper Roll TFT Strategy

The short and sweet of this strategy is typically to crush your economy in the eager hopes of getting strong 1 Gold cost units. You achieve this by saving as much Gold until the Krugs round, aim for 40 or more Gold. You cannot manually level up your XP as this will prevent you from acquiring a notable amount of one cost units.

At the end of the Krugs round, buy all one cost units and re-roll until you’re sufficiently satisfied with the units you have. Best case scenario is you’ll have multiple tier 3 one Gold cost units on the board. This will ideally make you incredibly hard to beat, allowing you to recover your economy quickly whilst retaining strong targets. Check out the Hyper Rolling Tutorial by Disguised Toast below.

I personally prefer a more passive and consistent approach. In the beginning stages of TFT, I’ll grab a few strong one or two cost Units – Garen, Darius, Nidalee, Tristana, Varus and eagerly try and two star them early. Then save your Gold, buying only champions that will boost your team (never re-rolling) and leveling up XP only once the above conditions applies. Once you’ve passed 50 Gold, you can then start rolling for champions more aggressively each round. Being mindful to stay above 50 Gold.

As the game enters the later stages, you will then have far more Gold to help get you out of potential trouble. If you start to frequently fall behind you’ll have Gold to roll for your ideal champions. Gold to spend on XP for an extra champion spot in a pinch, which can turn the tides of any battle.

Naturally, treat the above as guidelines more than set in stone rules. If for example, you’re sitting peacefully on 60 Gold and three brands appear that you need. Even though this will drop you past the 50 Gold threshold, grab them. Losing the one Gold that round is completely worth it.

I hope this guide has been valuable to you, if so, please share with your friends. As always, if you have any questions drop a comment below!


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