Teamfight Tactics is a round-based strategy game where players will need to pick and assemble a team of LoL heroes to become the last one standing against seven opponents. In between rounds of battling against players, there are Neutral Rounds, one where you can pick a champion from a carousel of champions and another where you fight against LoL Neutral Minions.

Below we break down which rounds will be the Neutral Rounds in Teamfight Tactics.

Neutral Rounds

When you are playing Teamfight Tactics (TFT) you will be eagerly waiting for the next neutral round. Neutral Rounds are perfect opportunities to bolster your team or even try out different strategies against neutral minions.

Neutral Minions

Most of the time you should be able to defeat the neutral minions when you encounter them during the Neutral Rounds. By winning rounds, there is a chance that Items will drop in which you can give to one of your champions in your team to provide them with a welcome boost or you can conserve them to use later.

At the start of each game or during Neutral Rounds where you are not fighting against Neutral Minions, a Carousel will appear in the middle of your map. Rotating a selection of LoL Champions you can pick from.

Carousel Selection Teamfight Tactics LoL
Carousel Selection – Teamfight Tactics | LoL

The very first Carousel selection appears during the drafting stage, right before you begin your first round. Every player participating will then scramble to seek and select a champion they require. It’s first come first serve basis, so you best be decisive and quick, otherwise you will see your opponents nabbing the champion you want.

The carousel is filled with random champions; some are common champions that cost 1 coin from the shop or others that are rarer and will cost 2+. The further you progress through the round you are more likely to see rarer and strong champions in the Carousel.

However, each champion is also equipped with an item. Keep in mind that certain items are much superior to others. You will have to make the tough decision whether you would like the item that is equipped on a weaker champion or choose the stronger superior champion.

There are other contributed factors to include with your decision making, for example, your opponents may take the champion or the item the champion is equipped with, before you, leaving you scratching your head, deciding what to do next.

Another situation could be, is that you require one of the champions in order to upgrade them up to a two star or three-star champion, making them powerful and stronger, completely ignoring stronger champions or items.

Champion Upgrades Teamfight Tactics LoL
Champion Upgrades – Teamfight Tactics | LoL

Every consecutive Carousel round will be slightly different from your first Carousel pick. All players will be locked into position and the player with the lowest amount of health has the opportunity to pick from the Carousel first. Followed by the next lowest health opponent and so on.

This provides weaker opponents with a chance to get back into the game and start their come back.

If you are leading due to having the most health, you will have to sit and wait until you are free to move and sometimes you have no choice to have the last champion left from the carousel.

List of Neutral Rounds

Carousel Rounds are appear every 6 rounds, on rounds: 0, 6, 12, 18, 24, 30 and 36.

Neutral Minions Rounds:

Neutral Minions rounds are available at the start for three rounds after the initial Carousel Round appearing on rounds 1, 2, 3, 9, 15, 21, 27, 33 and 39

The first round will consist of two melee minions, the 2nd round will consist of two melee minions and one ranged minion and the 3rd round is made up of two melee minions and two ranged minions.

Next, on round 9 you will face three Krugs which are normally jungle minions. Here on after, Neutral round will be every 6 rounds.

  • Round 15 – 4 Murk Wolf and 1 Greater Murk Wolf
  • Round 21 – 4 Raptor and 1 Crimson Raptor
  • Round 27 – Dragon
  • Round 33 – Herald
  • Round 39 – Elder Dragon