Riot has given us some more insight into TFT Set 4 and how a brand-new mechanic, Chosen, might have an impact on games.

With TFT Set 4 coming quickly (it will reach PBE next week in the latest patch cycle.), Riot continues to thrill us with even more new details on how the latest set, TFT: Fates will be different from TFT: Galaxies. In yesterdays announcement, Riot revealed a couple more new champions, some of the enhancements we’ll see in Set 4, and the newest TFT mechanic, Chosen, which will revolutionize the way we think of team compositions.

In Set 4, you’ll have the opportunity to have one Chosen Champion on your side. Randomly you’ll see the units in your shop that display a chosen trait, which provides them with never seen before perks. Chosen champions come automatically as 2-star units (but they do cost three times more than a 1-star unit.) and they will get some other additional privileges.

First, the selected trait is going to count for two of the trait! As an example, if the Chosen trait of a unit is Vanguard. Just by placing them on the board, you’ll unlock the Vanguard trait all by themselves.

Second, the Chosen Unit gets 200 bonus health along with bonus spell power, bonus attack damage, or reduced mana cost on its ability. The main thing to retain is you can only get one Chosen Champion on the field at once, so after you’ve purchased one (even if it’s on the bench), you won’t see any Chosen Champion in the store. This provides an intriguing situation where you could try to snowball by getting the Chosen Champion early or waiting for the best potential champion down the line. Keep in mind. Chosen Champions appear in the shop pool at random, so waiting on another to appear can be very high risk.

Teamfight Tactics Set 4 Champions and Traits

The revealed post also announced the first 17 new champions heading to TFT in Set 4, as well as other new features. Below are the 17 exposed units and their traits:

  • Aatrox (Cultist/Vanguard)
  • Diana (Moonlight/Assassin)
  • Elise (Cultist/Exemplar)
  • Evelynn (Cultist/Shade)
  • Garen (Warlord/Vanguard)
  • Jarvan (Warlord/Exemplar)
  • Kalista (Cultist/Duelist)
  • Katarina (Warlord/Assassin)
  • Kennen (Ninja/Exemplar)
  • Lissandra (Moonlight/Dazzler)
  • Nidalee (Warlord/Sharpshooter)
  • Pyke (Cultist/Assassin)
  • Sylas (Moonlight/Brawler)
  • Thresh (Phantasm/Vanguard)
  • Twisted Fate (Cultist/Mage)
  • Vi (Warlord/Brawler)
  • Xin Zhao (Warlord/Duelist)